How to lose weight without dieting or other hard ways

How to lose weight without dieting or other hard ways

Lose weight without dieting – wow what a lovely thought

For those reading this that have tried umpteen diets and never get further than the first few days or even weeks. The yoyo dieters I call them. Lose the weight, work hard at losing weight and then off the diet and put it all back on again.

There’s got to be a better way, hasn’t there?


Yes there has – and is.

Shall I tell you the secret ?

Shall I?

Come closer – well

The first secret to losing weight isn’t about going on a diet at all!

How would it feel if you could never have to go on a diet ever again yet still not only lose weight but keep it off forever?

Not only will you look and feel great but you will radiate a feeling of wellbeing, have more energy .

To lose weight without dieting gives you the most amazing ‘freedom’.

A freedom from weighing food, counting calories, counting carbs, ‘watching what you eat’ and beating yourself up when you ‘over-eat’ because there is no such thing as ‘over-eating’. You will eat what you want when you want. You will learn to ‘listen to your body’. And eat whatever you feel like eating.

When people first hear this they think that they’ll put on so much weight and never lose it. But the opposite is true.

If you really listen to what you want, eat when you’re hungry and not have to control the amount or even the actual food you’re eating is a total reversal of all you’ve been used to.

You see the only way to change your weight permanently is by changing your ideas, thoughts and beliefs around your body issues.

If you think about it logically how many times have you been on a diet but after a short while you get disheartened if the weight isn’t coming off quickly enough. You go to a specific function, you have one night out, you have a particularly stressful day and your whole diet goes out the window. You feel bad and it just gets worse.

How to lose weight without dieting or other hard ways

Diets make you fat; that is a fact.

Why do you think the dieting/slimming industry is a multi zillion squillion dollar one?
Think about this – if diet’s worked there’d be no fat people!!

Actually that’s not fair. Diets do work – as long as you keep on them for the rest of your life!

You see what happens when you go on a specific diet your body sees it as ‘short term’; it’s called yo-yo dieting; you go on a diet for a specific occasion (say a wedding, holiday whatever) then you go back to your normal eating. And unfortunately your body responds by not just putting on the extra pounds you lost but usually more as well!

But the way to lose weight (and inches) permanently is to change your thinking.

Your extra weight is down to your beliefs – about who you are and what you are. The only diet is one from negative thoughts.

If you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction – that’s what’s working here.

Tell yourself you want to lose weight, focus on the fact you’re too heavy and that’s what you’ll get more of.

Change those thoughts and beliefs and you will be able to be the weight you desire forever.

It’s simple – but not easy

If we were working together I’d be giving you daily ‘exercises’ (not stuff to do but things to say) that will help you.

You need to do them daily because we go over ‘problems’ or worries hundreds of times each day so we need to be going over positive thoughts, engraining them into our subconscious so that eventually they will become your normal behaviour.

Learn to love yourself, warts and all.

Try this – every morning for 30 days when you first wake up say ‘I love and approve of myself exactly as I am’.

At first it will feel weird, awful, and strange. But after a while you’ll have fun with it. Just saying the words over and over again “I love and approve of myself exactly as I am”. Keep chanting it, out loud in your head over and over and over again.

Then for the next 30 days say it morning and night just before you go to sleep

Say it during the day; keep saying it.

When you love and approve of yourself – you’ll find you’ll not want to eat foods that are ‘bad’ for you, you will only want to eat food that makes you feel good and it will happen naturally, easily.

You might even find other things in your life working as well.

When you really love and approve of yourself exactly as you are, you will be able to say ‘no’ to food you don’t want, people that demand too much of you and life will get easier, smoother.

Try it. What have you got to lose? Except some negative beliefs about yourself and some excess weight as well.

It’s a great way to start your weight loss – without thinking about it.

And if you need some extra help to keep going get in touch.