How to Stop the Soda Addiction

How to Stop the Soda Addiction

There are so many people hooked on soda. What can I say? It’s true!

Soda has become so integrated into peoples’ lives that some find it hard to even imagine living without it. Some people are drinking 3-4 sodas or more a day.

Can you imagine that the average person in developed countries is drinking about 57 gallons of soda every year?


However, nothing comes without a price!

Today, many of these people have started to suffer from the consequences of their negative habits. Obesity, with all of its’ complications has started creeping up on them.

Never fear, the Coca Cola company is near!

The company immediately came to the rescue and offered us the ‘healthy’ diet soda. All the other companies were fast to follow and now so many people are adopting the ‘healthy’ option, in a hope to decrease their weight.

Then, all of a sudden, it turns out that the diet sodas are not so healthy after all. They carry even more health risks than the regular sodas.

Yup, it turns out you’ve been scammed!

Every single day you continue to drink soda, you are slowly poisoning yourself. You are either loading up on processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup, or you loading up on artificial sweeteners, that’s in addition to a whole lot of other toxic chemicals.

No one is losing weight on diet soda

In fact, all studies have shown that people who are drinking diet soda are consuming more calories and gaining more weight than people who are consuming regular soda.

The artificial sweeteners are increasing your appetite and, in addition, they are slowly destroying some of your brain cells, by creating addictive exitotoxins.

How to Stop the Soda AddictionThese exitotoxins stimulate your brain cells and make you feel great, for a while, but then you need more and you just can’t stop. That’s when the symptoms start to appear.

Some of the things which you may begin to experience include:

– unexplained depression
– headaches
– visual disturbances
– migraines
– autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis
– seizures
– cognitive problems
– fatigue
– symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease.

In your children, you may notice symptoms similar to attention deficit disorder (ADD). If things really get bad, it could go as far as becoming a cancer patient.

It’s time to take control of your health

No more soda from now on. But when you come to stop, you just can’t.

Your soda is calling to you. And even worse, the headaches and irritability you started to experience ever since you tried to stop are driving you crazy. You just can’t stand it.

See, the problem is you tried to stop too fast. If you’re really serious about stopping soda, you’ve got to take it slowly and you’ve got to have a plan.

How to stop drinking soda

Now you know that soda is unhealthy, and that it really isn’t even a drink!

The more you drink it, the more you actually need more water, to counteract the dehydration it produces. Use this knowledge to motivate yourself to stop drinking soda, and to stop poisoning yourself!

Be accountable

Tell everyone you know that you’ve decided to stop drinking soda.

Everyone, your friends, classmates, co-workers, facebook followers – everyone! They will keep you accountable. At least you will find it very difficult to drink soda in public and face the embarrassment of everyone knowing you didn’t live up to your word. But of course, that is not one of your concerns, because you are going to live up to your word!

Clean your diet!

How to Stop the Soda AddictionGiving your body a balanced diet and providing it with all the nutrients it needs is a proven method to decrease cravings. That includes your soda cravings!

Get enough sleep

Studies have shown that when you’re sleep deprived, you will have a greater tendency to reach for unhealthy food and drink options.

Flavoured carbonated water

Another idea which may be helpful, is to purchase a home carbonating system that will give you pure filtered carbonated water, which you can convert to any beverage you want. Try adding lime, lemon, or cucumber flavor.

Use your imagination and create a whole lot of different flavors. You can then bottle up your healthy drink at home, and never have to miss the bubbly sensation of soda again!

Adjusting to the change

However, if you’re drinking 3 or more sodas a day, stopping soda may be a bit more difficult, as you may suffer from caffeine withdrawal headaches. So let your body guide you to the rate it can tolerate to reduce each day.

Give your body time to adjust and decrease intake gradually over a few weeks.

About 5-10 % reduction every day is a reasonable rate , but you may need to go slower if you’re headaches are severe.

If the cravings for soda are too strong and they just don’t seem to be going away, you will probably find that there is a psychological component to deal with. You should try different relaxation techniques throughout the day. You can surely find other ways to sooth yourself, while at the same time nurturing your body.

Breaking any bad habit takes time and patience, but in the end you will find that breaking the soda habit was well worth the effort you put into breaking it.

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