Inexpensive shred diet grocery list

Inexpensive shred diet grocery list

We often assume that healthy food – and diet food – is really expensive. Well, it doesn’t have to be! Here is a Grocery List for you if you are getting shredded on a budget!

First, you need to find good protein value for the money! Because there is no good diet without a solid protein intake.

The optimal amount of proteins for losing weight is somewhere between 1,5 and 3 g/kg body mass, meaning that you need to eat a lot of high protein products. And since protein is one of the most expensive nutrients, you are going to have to be smart about it. Here are some high value low price proteins:


1. Eggs!

And in particular egg whites. One egg white contains 4 grams of protein (and 1,3 mcg of folate, 3,6 mg of magnesium, 4,9 mg of phosphorus and 6,6 mcg of selenium).

You will only consume 16 kcal and the price per egg is approximately 0,19 USD! With this bargin price you can get rid of the yolk, (and remove the cholesterol) without even thinking twice!

2. Chicken fillet.

High in protein, low in fat, easy accessible and great in taste. If you are on a diet, chicken fillet should be your basic supply. A 4-ounce chicken fillet contains 23 grams of protein and is really rich in B-vitamins.

Like with most of food supplies, you get what you pay for, but chicken fillet is still an inexpensive food compared to other protein sources even if you go for premium quality.

3. Canned Mackerel.

This nostalgia food item is definitely something to look into for those of you who diet on a budget. This product is zero carbs, high in protein and fat, fills you up and for a very low price. At WallMart, you can get 12 cans for under 40USD. Add some salad and rye bread and you have a full meal of one can.

4. Quark/Cottage Cheese.

An excellent source of both protein and calcium. One of the basic protein products for vegetarians. Nowadays there are dozens of different flavours, so you could never get tired of these diary products.

Quark is perfectly fine on its own, but if you add some berries to it, you will pack your body with vitamins! Or why not making a fresh spicy dip sauce of it?

Even if proteins are important in your shred, they are not all. You need the right carbohydrates and fat to balance your diet. Here are my favourite “value for money” diet foods:

5. Broccoli!

Inexpensive shred diet grocery list

There are not many foods that are better than broccoli. Believe it or not, it’s one of the best C-vitamin sources – so much so that 100 gram serving of broccoli will provide you with 150% of your daily intake of C-vitamin (which is very important for iron absorption – and iron is to be found in meets and other protein sources).

So make sure that you count in broccoli to your budget. Broccoli crowns can be found for $1.49/lb.

6. Frozen veggies of all sorts.

If you don’t fancy – or get tired of – eating broccoli all the time, replace it with frozen vegetables of all sorts. Carrots, haricot verts, even green peas is a great option for a low cost diet. Keep a large stack in you freezer and steam them for best taste.

7. Milk.

Pure regular milk. Sometimes the easiest is the best. Whole milk, with 3.25% fat contains 146 calories, 8 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbs and 8 grams of protein in one cup.

Milk is one of the best dietary sources of calcium. Have a cup of milk and a banana after your workout – it beats all the protein shakes in the world. And it’s cheaper too!

8. Rice.

Rice is one of the best carbohydrates – and a great source of energy, vitamins and minerals. Low in sodium, cholesterol and fat, low in price. If you can – go for organic brown rice, which is extra high in fibres.

Not only will it fill you up, but rice is also known to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and protects the body from building cancerogen cells. Like your own life insurance for only a couple USD/serving!

Finally, some tips on the way: to save even more money on these healthy foods – buy big pack and prepare many meals at the same time. Look for campaign prices on good protein source, fats and carbs don’t vary as much in prices.

Skip the expensive supplements and keep it simple with clean and high quality foods and you’ll get shredded in no time!