Ivanka Trump’s secret to post pregnancy weight loss

Ivanka Trump’s secret to post pregnancy weight loss

Many women worried about their shape after motherhood. It is hard to believe that a post-pregnancy woman can wear skinny jeans and be on a shape just about six months after baby delivery.

Ivanka Trump, 32-year-old, fashion designer, one of the busy women six months after giving birth to her second child has already slipped back into pre-baby shape and from the look of her slender body you would never guess that Ivanka Trump had welcomed her second child into the world just six months ago especially after putting on 30 pounds with newborn baby.

Ivanka Trump has lost 30lb in the six months since the birth of her second child.


How she did it?

Trump illustrated that before pregnancy and motherhood, her eating habits were pretty “hedonistic”. “I ate like a teenager,” she says. She ate carbs three times a day usually in the form of pasta or pizza, especially at the breakfast and lunch. Upon becoming pregnant, her attitude toward food changed, and she began thinking about nutrition in a whole new way and differently.

She pushes herself to eat healthy food such as more salmon and chicken, salads, and homemade veggie soups. She started to enjoy, these healthier options gradually.

So then healthy eating became the norm for her, Ivanka now focuses her meals around protein, especially salmon and chicken, and has cut back on processed carbs and heavy foods to have more consistent energy throughout the day. Over time, she has started to enjoy healthier foods and crave them instead of junk food. However she doesn’t follow a strict diet.

She also tries her best to stay active, dishes on her favorite cardio activities including spin classes and even yoga. Furthermore, she does some activities with her husband such as hitting the tennis court or playing 18 holes of golf. She also has tricks for adding a bit more exercise to her daily life.

She takes the stairs instead of the elevator, or when she is on a phone call, she does squats or pace the room when she is talking. Yoga, Spinning and Pilates Keep Ivanka Fit.

Ivanka Trump’s secret to post pregnancy weight loss

How Ivanka’s diet helps her to lose weight?

Low-carb diets are an effective way to lose weight quickly. The ketogenic diet has become increasingly popular as a way to experience rapid weight loss without hunger, and has also been said to prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s, and help fight depression and bi-polar.

Salad, fruits and vegetables are the low calorie food group and a way to postpone hunger, especially no sweet fruits can help to lose weight. They also contain antioxidants and help body to prevent heart disease, cancer and provide essential fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Protein sources that are nutrient-rich and lower in fat and calories, such as: Lean meat, Seafood, Beans, Soy, Low-fat dairy is a good idea to change up protein foods. For instance, salmon or other fish that’s rich in omega-3s, beans or lentils that rich in fiber as well as protein. This may make dieting easier because you feel less hungry.

So, the images such as Trump’s lifestyle send a positive message to women. In addition to her busy schedule as a professional and mother to kids, she also takes time to take care of herself. Thanks to her for healthy eating habits. I hope after this part you will make a decision into a healthier lifestyle and become a healthier mother if you have not already been in one.