Jennifer Aniston fitness secrets for a balanced lifestyle

Jennifer Aniston fitness secrets for a balanced lifestyle

What would you do to get a stellar, year-round look without plastic surgery and fad diets, all while having a cheat day and not stressing over a highly regimented workout program? Jennifer Aniston has a fitness routine and healthy eating style that anyone could adhere to with a little planning, creativity and consistency.

If you peruse through photos of years past and present, Jennifer Aniston seems to have been fairly consistent with her nutrition and fitness habits.  Her yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, says that by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, Aniston has managed to keep a fit physique through the years.  So what exactly can you do to mimic the Jennifer Aniston fitness and nutrition “plan”?

Aniston fitness secrets: Making exercise a habit

Aniston works out nearly everyday to keep in top shape but likes to adhere to a variety of choices. Her cardio is a circuit-like combination of the elliptical, bike and treadmill where she will do 15 minutes per each piece of equipment.

On other days, she will catch a yoga, Pilates or Barre method class. Just as many people are today, Aniston leads a busy lifestyle but has simply made fitness a staple in her life.  She is intentional at being active every single day, even if it is a shorter, more intense workout.

In addition, adding 5 minutes of meditation is towards the end of her workouts is something her yoga trainer finds essential. She once commented on her legs and how they were not her favourite asset yet now, attributes their slender, defined look of today, to yoga.

Purchase portable equipment such as flex bands and low weight dumbbells.  Anisotn sometimes does mini workouts in her hotel room while watching TV.  She also is habitual in doing some stretching before bed as well as some ab work, such as her favorite abdominal exercise, the plank.

Jennifer Aniston fitness secrets for a balanced lifestyle

Aniston’s diet: Clean and fresh, cheating allowed

Although at times she follows a “zone-like” diet, whereas there is a 40/30/30 split of Carbs/Protein/Fats, Aniston mostly prefers clean proteins, fruits, veggies and some grains.  She once shared a photo of her breakfast of whole grain toast, one egg, tomato and avocado slices.  She also shared a lunch photo of bulgur, red onion, garbanzo beans, feta and mint.

Jennifer Aniston apparently has her own chicken for which her breakfast eggs will come from!  How’s that for farm fresh?

She has one day for which she may splurge on Mexican or Italian fare, but it appears to not be much of problem since she is very consistent with her workouts and healthy food choices.

Learn from Aniston’s balanced lifestyle

So what should be your take-away from her fit and healthy lifestyle? Be creative in both fitness and nutrition, and just as important (if not more), be consistent in whatever works for you.

Even on her busiest of days Jennifer Aniston finds the time to move in a variety of ways, while keeping up with her busy lifestyle in order to maintain her stellar, highly sought after physique.

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