Juice Cleanse What Does it do to Your Body

Juice Cleanse What Does it do to Your Body

Juice Cleanse What Does it do to Your Body

As I sit here writing this article, I am now embarking on my semi-annual (Spring and Fall) juice cleanse.

Today is day 3 of a 5 day juice cleanse and I have just had my morning cup of tea.

I feel great. There are mixed ideas about juicing so let’s explore what it does to the body.


Prepare your mind & body

Day 1 is usually the hardest day on a juice cleanse because the body is trying to get accustomed to the change in eating patterns aka no food. Therefore, it is best to take it easy on the first day and slowly ease into the fast.

In other words, prepare your mind to accept that you will be taking a few days off from eating. Most juice cleanses can last anywhere from 3, 5, 7, 10 or 21 days.

A 3 day weekend juice cleanse would be great for a beginner.

Sticking with liquids

There are different types of juice cleanses such as juicing vegetables only or fruit and vegetables combinations. Some people may eat a fruit or salad while on a juice cleanse. I prefer to stick with liquids only.

My juice cleanse is primarily carrot however I am adding spinach, cucumber, celery, beets and other greens to offset the sugars in the carrots. It is best to use a good juicer that allows the nutrients and fiber to remain in the juice. Straining the juice before drinking may be required for some juicers.

It is highly recommended to use organic produce when juicing.

Juice Cleanse What Does it do to Your BodyHere are some of the changes to expect while on a juice cleanse:

1.) You may experience light-headedness and some fatigue and that is just the body telling you to slow down. Consuming lots of water and juices will help with this.

2.) The body will also lose water weight and some muscle mass. I try to add some vegetables with protein such as spinach or kale.

3.) The tongue will become coated and the breath will be unpleasing due to ketones being produced. A solution to this would be to drink 1 tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll in 3-4 ounces (88 – 118 ml) of water.

4.) The metabolism will slow down because the body will go into conservation mode and think that it is being starved due to less calories. Just keep on feeding the body with various juices containing nutrients and this should help.

5.) There will be some elimination of toxins through the skin via itching and perhaps diarrhea. It is best to aid the toxins by using a dry brush and brushing the skin prior to a bath. Moisturize the skin after a bath with lotion.

Diarrhea is just the body’s way of removing excess toxins in the intestines.

Allow nature to run it’s course. Some people may not eliminate and it would be best to do an enema, colonic or take an herbal laxative.

Benefits of juice cleansing include:

1.) Determining if you have any food allergies. By eliminating dairy, wheat, nuts and meat from the diet, these foods may cause a reaction when being added back and this could be a signal of a food allergy or intolerance.

2.) You will have less of an appetite and diminished food cravings for processed foods. This will occur after day 1 of the juice cleanse; food cravings usually happen at the beginning of a juice cleanse.

3.) Weight loss is a big plus however keep in mind that this is mostly water weight and it is not the best way to lose weight.

4.) More energy and mental clarity will be experienced because the stomach is not spending time on digestion. This allows more energy to be used where needed for short periods of time. It would also be a great time to implement your spiritual practice such as meditation if you have one.

Light exercise can also be continued while on a juice cleanse but keep in mind that the body will be burning fat and losing some muscle mass. It will not be very noticeable on a short fast such as 3 days.

Furthermore, if you are on medication or have a condition, please consult a medical professional before going on a juice cleanse.

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