Must-see celebrity vegetarian diet plan

Must-see celebrity vegetarian diet plan

Must-see celebrity vegetarian diet plan

People become vegetarians for different reasons. The two most common are for concern of eating animals or animal rights activists.  The other reason may be strictly for health reasons.  Still another may be for religious reasons.

Being a dietitian,  I wanted to focus on the health benefits reason.  Would you change your diet or even become vegetarian if a celebrity did just that and showed remarkably positive health results?  If you’re life depended on it, you might.  If you experienced going through a quadruple bypass surgery and then a stent surgery, you might.  Former President Bill Clinton did just that.  After realizing his diet and activity played a major role in his heart condition, he went vegan.  The former president now consumes no meat, no dairy, no eggs, almost no oil.  He pretty much avoids any foods, which could damage his blood vessels.  His newfound, plant-based diet was prescribed by his cardiac doctors at The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.

So what does Bill Clinton’s three meal vegetarian diet plan entail now?

For Bill Clinton, breakfast is almost always an almond-milk smoothie,  blended with fresh berries, non-dairy protein powder.

Lunch is usually some combo of green salad and beans.  He snacks on nuts, which contain the good fats, or hummus with raw vegetables.

Dinner often includes quinoa, the Incan super grain, or sometimes a veggie burger.  He and Mrs. Clinton now enjoy experimenting with vegan recipes, some may even appear to be and ‘taste like chicken’ as in stir fry made with seasoned tofu.

Must-see celebrity vegetarian diet plan

The benefits of a vegetarian menu are endless.

A large body of scientific evidence suggests that the consumption of a diet of whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts and fruits , with the avoidance of meat and high fat animal products, along with a regular exercise program is consistently associated with lower blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, less obesity and consequently less heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and mortality.  So what exactly are the substances in plants which protects us from all the chronic diseases?  Plants contain folic acid, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, carotenoids, phytosterols, flavonoids, and an abundance of antioxidants.

So what if you just can’t go strict vegetarianism, but need to decrease your intake of artery clogging saturated fat.  Yes, you still can.  It’s called the Mediterranean diet.  It’s still a very plant based diet, but you can also included healthy, low fat dairy, yogurt, cheese, poultry and eggs in small portions.  Fish and seafood are encouraged twice a week.  Red meat is Ok once or twice a week, but very lean.  Give your system a good natural cleansing with high fiber whole grains, fruits and vegetables daily or at least several times a week with vegetarian meal planning.  The vegan and mediterranean diets are your best medicine for weight loss and heart disease prevention.

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