Natural stimulants for improved endurance and fat loss

Natural stimulants for improved endurance and fat loss

Natural stimulants for improved endurance and fat loss

Many people live busy lives and often look for ways to increase and sustain energy. It may be their morning or afternoon cup of coffee or that bottle of liquid that promises extra hours of energy.

All too often those looking to reduce weight quickly will seek stimulants of many forms. The first and only choice of such supplements should come from natural stimulants.



Coffee is likely the most widely used natural stimulant. It is thought to be an appetite suppressant so many dieters will dwell on its usage for this purpose. In excess, coffee can be detrimental to your health because prolonged stimulation from any supplement can exhaust your adrenals, eventually leading to exhaustion.

If you are looking to use coffee as a natural stimulant, drink 1-2 cups of coffee before your event or during times of an energy slump. Choose organic coffee, strive to drink it black and with minimal amounts of sugar and cream.  Try adding coconut oil to your coffee!


Are you still wanting your morning coffee yet looking to switch to something with added benefits? Matcha could be your perfect fit. Although many people say it can take a few weeks before feeling and seeing the full benefits of it’s energy enhancing properties, it appears to be well worth it.

Matcha enhances antioxidant activity, it supports metabolism and, it promotes alertness.  When you are purchasing and drinking true, matcha (avoid the cocktail-like powders and drinks with matcha), you are getting the whole leaf that has been ground up.  This is the reason behind such a powerful punch of energy and other benefits, in such a small amount of the plant.

Natural stimulants for improved endurance and fat loss

Yerba mate

This strangely named supplement comes from the twigs and leaves of the holly tree found in South America. It is a natural source of caffeine and drank as a tea through steeping.

Although it is widely sold at health food stores and from other sources of herbal supplement manufacturers, it still needs to be further researched due to its possible carcinogenic effects.  Although it is a great alternative to coffee and much better than the highly processed chemical laden energy drinks, please drink with caution.


When not arming our bodies with proper nutrition and rest, supplements such as ginseng may assist the body in overcoming a decrease in energy.  It is thought to temporarily offer more energy during times of fatigue, physical exertion, and prolonged stress.

Just as coffee seems to promote, ginseng is an appetite suppressant as well. A simple ginseng tea: simmer 3-6 teaspoons of the root for 45 minutes, in 3-4 cups of water.  Strain, cool and repeat 1-3 times per day, as needed.

Caution: Those with blood pressure problems and those whom are sensitive to stimulants, take care to not use more than indicated, especially when using Korean ginseng, as it is more stimulating than the American ginseng.


Yes, you read correctly. Although it is not a stimulant, it is indeed a possible way to prolong your workout via an enhanced aerobic capacity.  Beets and vegetables in general, contain nitrates which are shown to improve cardiovascular health.

In one such study, they found that by taking a beet juice supplement, the aerobic system could more easily keep up with the rigors of intense exercise.  Caution: Pregnant women should avoid beets in high concentrations, as well as anyone being treated by a physician.

What does this all mean for you, the one looking for greater endurance and faster fat loss? Well, with an increase in energy you are more likely to grab that workout once you feel a boost in energy, essentially leading to a seemingly faster loss of fat.

Be aware that although these stimulants are from plants, caution should still be taken and if you are on any medication, checking with your physician before using is a must.