Nutrition & Training: Combine Them For the Best Results

Nutrition & Training: Combine Them For the Best Results

Nutrition & Training: Combine Them For the Best Results

Hello everyone! I am so glad to be back with you talking about another great fitness topic at WatchFit!

This one in particular is a very exciting one for me and a little bit different from the way we usually think about nutrition relative to training…

Compliment your training with nutrition


Commonly, we sort of keep the two concepts separate. We plan and execute our training as one thought process, and then think of nutrition in a space that often doesn’t pair the exercise with the calorie intake strongly enough on a physiological level.

There is a way to be even more efficient with this and actually have both fitness aspects work off and with each other more closely!

What I’m referring to is taking advantage of the metabolic effect of the training session in real time right then and there, by eating with a deeper purpose than just avoiding over eating during the course of the day.

How to time your meals efficiently

The key is in the timing of the nutrition pre and post workout, as well as strategizing what is being eaten at those times relative to what your whole day’s food intake and training time looks like.

So in short, you are literally complimenting and enhancing the effect of the metabolic spike you create through the workout! Here are some awesome tips and strategies for getting this done…

Let’s look at some metabolism boosting strategies.

Eat for energy

Remember that working out requires fuel but nothing more than that.

During the day leading up to a workout eat enough of the right macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) to meet the energy needs for that session, but not so much that your body can just simply use those calories all the way through and post workout. Because then, it has no need to tap into your stored calories for energy. AKA body fat…


1. Workout is late morning or early afternoon… Eat breakfast WITH some carbs since this is likely the only meal you will have eaten before training.

And, since you’ll be slightly hungry at workout time due to it being around lunch time, a small snack with limited carbs and high protein should be used for the ENERGY purpose of the session (30-45 mins prior) while still allowing the post workout metabolism to do what you really want it to…

Burn body fat not left over consumed calories.

2. Workout is early morning… Pretty much reverse what’s done in example one. Eat a small snack like portion of high protein and a little fat for energy purposes to sustain the workout, but not so much that your body does not need to start to use your fat stores afterwards.

Then, after your session at breakfast you can eat the full meal you need with some carbs and all that for the more complete amounts of calories you need for the whole day.

Nutrition & Training: Combine Them For the Best Results

Use your metabolism

Understanding what the training session is doing for you means that you realize your body is burning calories at a heightened rate and will still be searching for energy to use for recovery after you’re done. So you want to take advantage and unleash that metabolism directly onto your body fat.

This means that post workout meals and snacks should be timed and greatly limit fat and carbohydrate calories so as to maximize just how much body fat you can influence your body to use throughout the rest of the day.


1. After you are done training wait until you are hungry before you eat (TIMING) so you can allow the post exercise body fat consumption to run its full course.

Know your training intensities

If you’re eating for energy correctly you’ll also learn to fit your higher calorie meals and snacks closely around your tougher workouts, while for your non or light workout days you should get the majority of your calories in earlier in the day at breakfast and lunch.

This way on either day you are neutralizing your high calorie meals more and also giving those calories a better purpose to impact on your training.

Master your awareness

Once you get good at all the previously mentioned strategies you’ll notice that your instincts and feel for the way your body operates and what it needs at different times for training will be so effective that you’ll be able to really finely tune your system, and play with things to maximize your fitness benefits!


1. If you know a particular workout will be more moderate or at a less intense pace you might see that you can get away with having very few carbs that day as they may not be needed.

Additionally, you can just increase your good fat consumption on those days to supplement the absence of the carbs. The combination of all this may result in higher fat burns without being too drastic.

These decisions and deviations from the general rules of thumb can easily be made just by knowing how your energy levels are when you blend the thought processes of training and eating into one connected concept.

Implement training and nutrition in conjunction with each other

So there you go! Training and nutrition are much more than just two players in the game of fitness. They literally are and should be approached and executed as being teammates!

They are much more effective in conjunction rather than just paralleling each other, and you should definitely mesh them in these ways to take your fitness goals to the next level!

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