Paleo Drink Recipe – Delicious Coconut Water Kefir with Ginger

Paleo Drink Recipe – Delicious Coconut Water Kefir with Ginger

Paleo Drink Recipe – Delicious Coconut Water Kefir with Ginger

Our latest offering from celebrity chef and paleo guru Pete Evans is a truly mouthwatering healthy drink.

Pete’s Paleo Way cookery has gained him a huge following around the world and his TV shows have spread the paleo message throughout his home country of Australia as well as the USA.

We are delighted that Pete has agreed to offer up two recipes a month for WatchFit, so you can discover, prepare and experience this amazing food first hand for yourselves.


A delicious paleo drink recipe: coconut water kefir with ginger

The health properties of both coconut and ginger are well documented and have been covered in WatchFit articles. Here Pete brings the two together…

Follow these instructions to add yet another superb dish to your growing Paleo Way repertoire!

Recipe (serves 2)

Yield: 700 ml

Preparation time: 10 minutes (plus 24-30 hours fermenting time)

Difficulty: Easy

Course:  Drink

Allergens: NA


3 young coconuts

1 packet vegetable starter culture (this will weigh 2–5g depending on the brand)

1 tablespoon finely grated fresh ginger


1. You will need a 750ml glass jar for this recipe. Wash the jar well in hot soapy water, then run it through the dishwasher on a hot rinse cycle to sterilise. Open the coconuts by cutting the top of the coconuts on each side. Strain the coconut water into your sterilised jar and set aside.

2. Open up the packet of vegetable culture starter, add the contents to the coconut water and add the ginger. Using a non-metal spoon, stir in the probiotics. Cover the jar with a piece of muslin and a rubber band. Place in the pantry, or on the counter, in a dark spot for 24-48 hours and leave it to ferment. The kefir is ready when the water turns from relatively clear to a cloudy white.

3. You can taste test the kefir. After 24–30 hours, pour some into a glass – do not taste directly from the bottle. It should taste sour, with no sweetness left, like coconut beer. Some batches are fizzier than others, but all are beneficial.

If it still tastes a little sweet, place it back in the pantry for the remaining recommended fermentation time.


It is imperative that all materials that come into contact with the kefir have been sterilised. You don’t want to cultivate bad bacteria, but enable only good bacteria to flourish, so you must sterilise, including your hands, in very hot water.

Glass jars and storage bottles are preferable to plastic since kefir actually eats away at plastic. If the kefir eats the plastic, you in turn consume plastic. Limited contact is fine, but prolonged exposure is discouraged. It’s very important to use fresh coconut water from young coconuts. Store – bought coconut water will not work as the product is pasteurised.

Never add probiotics or kefir grains to refrigerated water since it will drastically slow or stunt the fermentation process.


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