Personalize Your Diet Plan with Metabolic Typing & Rotation Dieting

Personalize Your Diet Plan with Metabolic Typing & Rotation Dieting

What is Metabolic Typing?

When it comes to eating, there really is no “one size fits all” approach. This is due to what’s called biochemical individuality. It identifies an individual’s genetically based nutrition and diet requirements.

A certain dietary program that helps one, may only produce few, if any, beneficial results for another. No two people are alike on a biochemical or physiological level.


Why is Metabolic Typing better than eating according to blood type or body type?

The reason why Metabolic Typing is superior over other methods of determining dietary individuality, such as the blood typing and body typing, is that it is a dynamic, comprehensive system that encompasses all of the body’s known adaptation or homeostatic mechanisms.

It doesn’t just measure a single fixed variable such as blood or body type, instead it takes into account the many different biochemical or metabolic variables which are subject to continual change and flux over the course of our lifetime.

Personalize Your Diet Plan with Metabolic Typing & Rotation DietingWhy is Metabolic Typing essential to over all health and wellbeing?

The ANS (autonomic involuntary nervous system) plays a very large role in determining metabolic individuality and greatly influences health and disease in the body.

It is the chief controller of the parasympathetic (or rest, digest and repair) nervous system and the sympathetic (fight or flight, stress response) nervous system and thus is the master regulator of metabolism.

When one of these systems is out of balance, disease processes can develop

Specific foods and nutrients have the natural capacity to strengthen whichever part of our system is weaker, resulting in metabolic typing helping to establish balance within the ANS and thus the rest of our body.

Great research was done into discovering the inter-relationship between the Oxidative system (the rate at which cells convert food into energy, or the rate of cellular oxidation) and the ANS, which helps to predict with far greater accuracy, exactly which foods and nutrients a person needs to achieve metabolic balance for their individual system.

How was Metabolic Typing developed?

This research dates back many decades to the 1930’s, when extraordinary anthropological expeditions were taken to remote parts of the globe, where the link between modern ways of eating and the increase of chronic degenerative diseases were discovered.

Due to vast variations in climate, indigenous food supplies, environmental conditions, and the principals of evolution, adaptation, heredity, etc, we humans evolved over many centuries in different ethnic groups and cultures which in turn developed distinctly different kinds of dietary requirements.

Years later, there was remarkable work done in closely examining what these variations in genetically based nutritional needs were from a metabolic or biochemical perspective.

How can you help me with this?

What I do, is let you know your individual metabolic type and provide dietary solutions that are tailored to your specific biochemical needs. Metabolic Typing is a foundational approach to then have the ability to build over all health and wellness from the ground up.

What is a Rotation Diet?

What does rotation dieting mean? Often, we get into the routine of eating the same foods day in, day out. Did you know that the average North American eats only 11-14 different foods in their daily life?

This ends up starving our bodies of the essential variety of nutrients that we need to be optimally healthy!

What exactly is a rotation diet?

A rotation diet is an absolutely all around ideal way of eating to ensure overall heath. This is the most simple way to discover if you have any food intolerances and rid yourself of the symptoms that come along with food intolerances.

Also help starve out any parasites or fungal overgrowth, (that is prevalent in roughly 90% of the general population) and is an excellent way to detox your digestive system, and is the most healthy and effective way to lose weight!

Rotational eating is designed according to what’s called taxonomy

There are many different species of animals and plants alike.

Foods that are in the same family share very similar protein structures and are thus treated the same way by our digestive system. Therefore each day of the rotation diet is a different family of plant & animal food sources that are consumed.

Personalize Your Diet Plan with Metabolic Typing & Rotation DietingHow long should I follow a rotation diet?

The best amount of time to strictly follow a rotation diet to achieve maximum benefit is for a minimum of three to six months. At this time, you may find that you have begun naturally rotating your foods. Many people continue with rotational eating as it makes cooking and meal planning easier.

Regardless, it’s always best to rotate the meats you are eating, especially seafood, to limit your body’s exposure to the many potential allergens and toxins present in protein sources. When it comes to grains and produce, as long as you rotate a variety of different foods, and not the same foods day in day out (as we usually get into a pattern of doing) you will basically accomplish the same outcome.

In the end, rotation dieting minimizes the overall load on your immune system and improves vitality! Contact me today for your personal 4 day rotation diet and optional meal plans.

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