Quick and easy finger foods for your Sunday barbeque – Part 3

Quick and easy finger foods for your Sunday barbeque – Part 3

Quick and easy finger foods for your Sunday barbeque – Part 3

Barbecue is a fun way to spend the weekend with relatives or friends. Barbecue is not just a nice pastime, it can also be healthy if you follow these guidelines.

Tips for healthier barbecue

Avoid dripping grease

The steak is on, the grill is hot, fat drips on the glowing charcoal. It hisses, smoke rises and reaches the surface of the meat. Benzopyrene is then absorbed by the food. Would you have thought that this corresponds to the smoke of more than 600 cigarettes? Even healthy burgers become bad for you with this kind of smoke bath.

Avoid carcinogens

Many self-proclaimed BBQ-experts add dripping beer to meat and sausages to get a good flavor and a crispy crust, and but this crust provides a place for carcinogens to get stuck. If it smokes especially fierce, you are serving chemicals more than flavor. The tasty smell of grilling is in fact a chemical reaction, that is unfortunately carcinogenic.

In addition to Benzopyrene, polycyclic hydrocarbons still arise, which is formed when organic materials such as wood, paper and oil burn incompletely. The nitrosamines, which are formed from the nitrite pickling salt contained in the barbecuing of cured meats or sausages are also considered carcinogenic.

Charcoal barbecue with aluminum foil

Quick and easy finger foods for your Sunday barbeque – Part 3

It’s time for the good news:  You can avoiding benzopyrenes and polycyclic hydrocarbons by using aluminum foil on the grill. If you avoid the smoke and covering the grate with aluminum foil or the grilled food placed in a special dish made of aluminum you can barbecue safely – and will also not get in trouble with the neighbors.

The right fat

The tasty marinades are popular to insert meat or vegetables, with the right and healthy BBQ recipe, you can make some fantastic BBQ food. Lean poultry meat gets quickly dry, so you have to smear it with fat. But not every really healthy salad oil is suitable.

Corn oil, for example, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, isn’t able to tolerate the high grill temperature – it oxidizes and causes a lot of smoke again. The same applies to butter and margarine. Peanut or olive oil or mixed oils, however, hold the high temperatures.

Marinated meat and vegetables

To make a delicious marinade with olive oil you need fresh herbs such as oregano, thyme and basil, to pepper, salt and mustard and a crushed clove of garlic. If you are interested in losing weight, there are several herbs that works great for losing weight. Marinate the meat and let it drain well before grilling.

The grilled food should not come cold from the refrigerator on the grill. In this marinade can insert both meat and vegetables like zucchini, peppers, eggplant, etc., and feta cheese.

My Ultimate Grill marinade:

• 1 tsp Ras el hanout
• 1 teaspoon Tepanyakisoße
• 1 tsp gyros spice mix
• 1 tablespoon olive oil

Mix all ingredients well; Grilling so marinate; fits well for tofu and vegetable skewers!

In addition to meat,and fish, you can also grill this maranade wiht vegetables. Whether peppers, corn and asparagus: Grilling vegetables is easy. You may want to  alsosee what salad you can make that goes well with BBQ food. Vegetables, fruits and tofu make the BBQ as well – because grilling also vegan has nothing to do with renunciation, but with pleasure.

Wishing you relaxed barbeque hours! If you like these suggestions and recipes you may also want to read part 1  and part 2 here!