Signs of Endometriosis and Natural Ways to Treat It – Part 2

Signs of Endometriosis and Natural Ways to Treat It – Part 2

Signs of Endometriosis and Natural Ways to Treat It – Part 2

In Part 1 yesterday I introduced you to the widespread issue of endometriosis. It is a debilitating health issue afflicting millions of women. However there are effective natural treatments that can be adopted.

The causes and signs of endometriosis are extensive and not always totally predictable. As a result there are numerous ways this condition can be fought and that very much includes a series of natural options.


Here is a list of natural approaches you can take to alleviate or prevent endometriosis.

Natural treatments for endometriosis symptoms

1. Healthy Diet

Eliminating inflammatory foods, this includes wheat/gluten, dairy, processed foods, refined sugars and carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol and soy. Eliminate these foods from your diet for at least three weeks, paying close attention to how you feel and the changes to your symptoms throughout the process. It’s important to follow an anti-inflammatory diet when dealing with endometriosis.

2. Supplements

You can reduce inflammation, relieve joint and muscle pain and regulate hormone production with the correct supplements such as Magnesium and omega 3. Adding flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, wild caught salmon and mackerel to your diet will also increase your omega 3 intake. B vitamins will also benefit your overall health and reduce toxicity in the body, they also regulate and balance the body’s organs and support healthy immunity.

3. Essential Oils

Castor oil packs can be used on the lower abdomen and pelvic area to reduce pain and inflammation. They can also boost immune function and soothe digestion. The essential oil clary sage has been found to effectively reduce pain and cramping when applied topically with a carrier oil.

Signs of Endometriosis and Natural Ways to Treat It – Part 2

Please seek professional help and advice from a qualified therapist if you wish to use essential oils, in the right quantities they can be very effective but if used incorrectly they can be dangerous.

4. Acupuncture

Studies found that acupuncture may be an effective, safe and well-tolerated therapy to help with endometriosis-related pelvic pain.


So as you can see there are great natural options you can pursue once you notice signs of endometriosis. If you eat an anti-inflammatory diet and consume beneficial supplements, you can reduce your endometriosis symptoms. In addition including meditation, mindfulness, acupuncture and essential oils can do wonders and you could help avoid unnecessary surgery.

As mentioned in Part 1, I am not just coming at this subject from  a professional, expert angle, I am approaching it from the perspective of personal experience. Studies are all well and good but direct experience is the best educator of all.  And it is from direct experience that I speak to you here…

If you follow these steps as I did, you can manage, treat and even prevent endometriosis symptoms from becoming a major hindrance on your life. 

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