Sofia Vergara Diet: Secrets & Tricks

Sofia Vergara Diet: Secrets & Tricks

Sofia Vergara Diet: Secrets & Tricks

It is no secret that many high-profile stars seem to have it all when it comes to fit physiques. One such lady is someone I find not only beautiful and fit but she is hilarious, too.

Sofia Vergara surely has many people turning heads when she walks by and it may (or may not) surprise you to discover the diet to follow for a Sophia Vergara bikini ready physique.

Sofia Vergara Diet


At the age of 43 you may wonder how she does it especially since she leads a busy life in the eye of the camera. Not to mention, once a woman reaches 40 years there are many hormonal changes that can affect body regarding weight, energy, skin and hair.

One aspect of her diet that surely contributes to her radiance and seeming lack of any facial lines is her awareness of hydration. Although she states how she loves vegetable juices, Sophia Vergara also knows that drinking water is an essential component to a healthy body.

In addition to proper hydration through her juices and water, she emphasizes the abundant amount of fruit and vegetables she eats daily. By adding more fruit and vegetables to all of your meals, you are naturally increasing your water intake.

Through proper hydration, your skin becomes more radiant and any fine lines are less noticeable. Also, through proper hydration you are less likely to retain water, reducing the likelihood of a bloated appearance.

What does her typical food intake look like?

Her typical daily food intake consists of egg white omelettes, a lot of vegetables, fruit, yogurt, granola, chia seeds, avocado, fish and other lean proteins, whole grains, salads and she also loves sushi.

Sophia Vergara openly admits to having her occasional indulgences but only enjoys in moderation. She also expresses her love of going to a variety of restaurants simply to experience something new.

Sofia Vergara Diet: Secrets & Tricks

What’s her secret food-love affair?

Sophia Vergara bikini diet secret alone is not likely to get you the physique you desire unless you too have a celebrity trainer by your side nearly everyday.

She loves cake and Shape magazine, in October 2014, revealed a quote she uses, “No pain, no cake.” Well, this dietitian will advise you differently, I can assure you of that!

What you may not know about her health?

The Sophia Vergara bikini ready physique may have flourished due to her personal health scare. At 28 years old she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had the gland removed.

By understanding that this important gland is what helps control body temperature, heart rate as well as play a role in how calories, vitamins and minerals are used in the body, you would whole-heartedly agree on the dedication she placed towards educating herself about the disease and how the removal of her thyroid affected her body forever.

It was truly a life changing event, at such a young age. Growing up in Columbia, and amongst friends and family who never placed value on a proper diet and plenty of daily activity, this was quite a lifestyle change for her.

What can you do to attain an hour-glass figure like Sophia Vergara?

Begin by planning out what you will be eating throughout the day for every meal. Prepare yourself for when you are not at home by knowing which restaurants offer healthy choices or just pack a cooler with your own food.

Be sure to choose lean animal products and preferably your choices should be organic and free-range when available. Also have fresh fruits and cleaned and prepped vegetables for quick healthy snacks.

When adding complex carbohydrates to your meals, choose those that are only one ingredient, such as brown rice and sweet potatoes. This will ensure you are avoiding the processed foods. And just as Sophia Vergara does, add in healthy fats such as avocado and chia seeds.

So whether you are looking to achieve a lifetime of health or you are hoping to achieve a Sophia Vergara bikini body, these healthy food tips will without a doubt get you on the right path.