Spring clean your body with this simple raw food diet menu plan

Spring clean your body with this simple raw food diet menu plan

Spring clean your body with this simple raw food diet menu plan

By   spring  time most of  us are ready to  peel off the   jumpers  and  step into  lighter clothing.   Along with  spring cleaning  our wardrobe, we often need to spring clean our diet.

Throughout the  winter   it is easy to get into a habit  of having more stodgy   warming foods and  if you have also had a couple of  colds, then you really are ready  for  a  nutrient boost to get you feeling  brighter and lighter.

Adding  more  raw  food to your daily diet will boost nutrients and  get your  digestive system   fired up  again.   Raw  foods contain  more  enzymes,  as  they are inactivated by  cooking.  Going  back  to  prehistoric days, our  body   could cope with eating  5 kgs of  raw  food   a day. Over time cooking was introduced and our  stomachs are much smaller, so  unable to  digest  more than 1kg a day.   1KG   can be  divided into  10 to 12  portions in  a  day.


Eating too  much cooked and processed foods puts stress on the digestive system and  particularly the pancreas, which releases many enzymes as well as insulin to balance blood sugar.  While the gallbladder also gets a  battering  from too much  fat and sugar. This  can result in common problems such as bloating  and heart burn.

Eating  a raw diet  will help  fire up your metabolism and digestive system  to help shed off the lbs along with  boosting your immune system and giving a healthy glow to your skin.

However, if you are not used to eating  regular amounts of  raw foods,  you need to build up slowly and  take time to chew  your food well which also stimulate your own enzymes to reduce bloating. .Introducing  raw foods,  using different textures such as smoothies   will help  and adding natural digestives such as ginger. Then gradually move to  eating  only raw food  one day  a week  to make a real difference to your health!

Spring clean your body with this simple raw food diet menu plan

To  make sure you get all your essential nutrients  on  your raw food day, you need to add  nuts, seeds and sprouted beans which provide good  sources of  protein and healthy fats to combine with   your   greens and fruits.   Including  avocado’s which are a good source of  protein and healthy  fat.

Simple raw food diet menu plan

Start your  day with a  high energy  green  smoothie or a  juice

– 1 handful of spinach

– half a pear

– half an apple

– 1 x celery stick

– ¼ cucumber

– half a small avocado

– 250ml of water

– 1 x dsp of fresh mint

Add   half  the  ingredients with  the water and  blitz for a couple of minutes.  Then add  the rest of the ingredients and give another quick blitz.


Handful of  blueberries


large  chunky  coleslaw made with  cabbage, carrot,  radishes, tomato & fennel with lime and ginger dressing   sprinkled with  25g  mixed seeds (pumpkin, sunflower & sesame)

Snack     1  x   apple plus  3 brazil  nuts


Starter   1  x   grapefruit

Spring clean your body with this simple raw food diet menu plan


100g   Courgette   ribbons    with  sprouted mung  beans, flavoured with 1 tsp of raw honey & lemon juice , garlic and grated ginger  with a    tomato  & onion salsa,

Dessert  –  chocolate  truffle  made with  1 cup of dates,  half a cup of ground almonds  ,  1  freshly  squeezed orange .

Add to  small mixer  to bind together then roll into small bite size balls  and  coat in cocoa. Yum!     These should last   you all week in an  airtight container.

So  you can  enjoy  raw food  while getting the health benefits  of better digestion, glowing skin and more energy.  A great way to  start Spring!