Starchy Foods To Avoid For Fast Weight Loss

Starchy Foods To Avoid For Fast Weight Loss

Weight loss is the goal of so many people and often fast weight loss is the ideal scenario. And when that is your goal then getting nutrition in line and on point will be your biggest weapon and priority.

We interact with food every day and most of us will eat at least three times a day. So with this basic fact in mind it makes sense to optimise your food for maximum energy giving and for fast fat loss.

In order for the body to burn fat two things must happen:

Insulin levels must be minimized and calories need to be lower.

Fat storage can only happen in the presence of Insulin and with caloric excess. Insulin is the body’s primary fat storing hormone and if this is over stimulated and too frequently then you will have a hard time burning fat,  or worse – you will efficiently store fat.

The primary cause of high levels of insulin in the body is sugary and starchy foods. Especially when combined with fat. With high insulin levels you will also experience more water retention weight.

Not all carbs are created equal!

Some carbs are more starchy than others (contain more natural sugars and less fibre) which will cause a rise in insulin. If you want fast weight loss, then you need to avoid ALL starchy carbs (even the healthy ones) to keep insulin levels low.


Avoid starchy foods!

So in order for fast weight loss to happen you need to concentrate all your meals and snacks on very low starchy and sugary food. Add lean proteins and a moderate amount of healthy fats to help keep you satisfied and calorie levels low.

Here is my concise list of starchy foods to avoid for fast weight loss (especially when consumed with added fats):
All grains and wheat based products (this includes all: pasta, pizza, cous cous, breads, wraps, processed foods, biscuits, crackers, pastry)
All breakfast cereals/granolas
Cereal and energy bars
Crisps and crisps like products
Rice and other grains such as quinoa
All commercial sauces
All potatoes and potato based products(including sweet)
Butternut squash
All sugars (including honey)
All fruit juices
All alcohol
Milk and sweetened milk alternatives
Fruit and dried fruit (the exception being fresh or frozen berries)
Starchy Foods To Avoid For Fast Weight Loss

A quick glance down that list is likely to leave you wondering what is left in your larder. Is there really anything remaining that you can tuck into guilt free?

Firstly remember that you don’t have to ban all these items from your diet altogether. Just be mindful of them and modify your consumption. Of course there maybe some you can strike off your list forever and that’s fine.

So what can you eat?

You’ll be pleased to know there is plenty. Swap the beige, starchy foods for fibrous low sugar salads and vegetables and focus on lean protein (such as eggs, fish, chicken and turkey) and fibre (vegetables and salads) with moderate healthy fats.

Making this change to your diet will go a very long way to achieving genuine, lasting and healthy weight loss.

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