Stomach Filling Balloon for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

Stomach Filling Balloon for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

Stomach Filling Balloon for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

An odd way to lose weight

There are many weight loss methods that have been used by the public throughout the years, but one of the strangest weight loss strategies is filling one’s stomach with a balloon. But does it really work or is it just another craze?

What exactly is a weight loss balloon?

This process boasts weight loss benefits that can be twice as effective as traditional weight loss methods. Two balloons filled with a salt water solution are inserted into the stomach. The purpose of the balloons is to fill the stomach so that people become full on less food.

Many people were eager to try this procedure because it does not call for invasive surgery. It also presented an option for those who feel as though they need to lose weight for health reasons, but do not meet the requirements for weight loss surgery.

The balloons are inserted into the body using a scope that is pushed into the throat and then down to the stomach. The idea of weight loss balloons makes some sense and the US Food and Drug Administration approves of this procedure, but just how effective is it?

Do they work?

This procedure has been around since the early 1990’s and during that time the process has seen much advancement. Apparent success has heightened the effectiveness of the weight loss balloon, and lessened the amount of risks that one may encounter with them. It should be noted that  the balloons are only safe to use for six months because after that time they have a higher risk of rupturing.

According to a 2015 study cited by the Associated Press, people who relied on diet and exercise changes alone lost about 3.3% of their body fat on average, whereas individuals who used the weight loss balloon lost about 7% of the body fat during a trial of six months. It should also be noted that those who used the balloon also made changes to their lifestyle. These results are promising.

However, six months after the balloons were taken out the patients had regained around a third of the weight that they’d lost during the time they had the balloons in their stomachs.

Why do people gain back the weight that they lost so quickly?

Unlike surgeries that permanently alter the size of the stomach the balloons are only temporary. This leads many people to fall back into old eating patterns after the balloons are removed.

Their stomach no longer has the saline-filled balloons and it takes more food to feel full, which leads many people to regain a significant amount of the weight that they lost during the six months.

Gradual change through a healthy lifestyle is sustainable

Stomach Filling Balloon for Weight Loss – Does it Work?Though the risks and recovery are not as significant as a weight loss surgery, the results are much less significant. Though the results of the balloon procedure allowed participants to lose weight more quickly than traditional methods, changing one’s lifestyle gradually lessens the chance that the individual would gain the weight back so rapidly.

When it comes to weight loss the time taken to undergo a longer and healthier weight loss process might be worth forgoing the risk of regaining the weight that they lost so quickly.

How to make changes to your lifestyle:

1- Substitute sugary drinks with water.
2- Exercise five times a week for at least thirty minutes.
3- Eat three balanced meals every day.
4- Instead of snacking on unhealthy foods between meals choose fruit, vegetables, healthy smoothies or weight loss shakes.

Below are a few weight loss shakes recipes:

Apple & Spinach shake: Combine one apple, a half cup of spinach and two cups of water. This shake is very filling and packed with nutrients.
Kale & Berry shake: blend one cup of kale, two cups of water, a half cup of blueberries and a half cup of strawberries. This shake is packed with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.
Chocolate Banana Shake: Combine one frozen banana, one cup of almond milk and a fourth cup of cocoa powder. This shake is healthy and satisfies a sweet tooth.

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