Summer Detox Diet

Summer Detox Diet

Summer Detox Diet

We are a long way down the road from those dim and distant New Year resolutions and maybe they were rather short lived. And maybe the effects of the fun and indulgent festive season are still in evidence. 

This is not a good thing now that we are well and truly into summer mode and that bikini body you’d promised yourself back in January has not materialised in the way you intended. Are those summer clothes not quite sitting on you as you’d hoped? And maybe you’ve not even dared to try the bikini yet…

However you do not have to despair! Making up for lost time is possible and we can find some vim, vigour and vitality on the way to shaping up and finding that beach body.

Time for a Summer detox diet!

First things first – let’s look at a really effective but simple detox diet programme that you can adopt easily and will have you feeling renewed and glowing from the inside out…


1) Beetroot does not necessarily look like the most appealing food or have the biggest fan base, but it really is absolutely packed with wonderful properties! It boosts energy, lowers blood pressure and is efficient at detoxing alcohol. We hear much about many great foods but surely this is one of the ‘super foods’ for this time of year! There is a concentrate you can find in health food shops and online called BeetActive.

2) Blueberries can be taken in juice form, as taken in the form of a juice, naturally as berries themselves or – as with beetroot – in a blueberry active concentrate. Blueberries are great for memory boosting and keeping those mid afternoon energy slumps at bay. Try these detox smoothies for a great

Summer Detox Diet

3) I’ve noticed that nutrition expert Patrick Holford is a huge advocate of Gazpacho. This is a soup best known as a cold dish, but if that doesn’t appeal to much to you, then it’s OK to go warm too! A blend of tomato, peppers, cucumber, garlic, olive oil, onion, celery with sea salt and black pepper will taste fantastic and will also bring a number of health benefits including being good for your blood pressure!

4) Animal protein: water packed fish and baked fish, wild game, lamb, duck, organic chicken and turkey. Vegetable protein: legumes, lentils, split peas. Other great vegetables to opt for include: cauliflower, broccoli and onion.

So far my detox tips have all been about what to add to your diet in an effort clean you out and clean you up. Let’s look at what foods you should subtract to aid in this process.

Foods to avoid on detox

-Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks

-Dairy: eggs, butter, mayonnaise

-Grains: wheat, corn, barley, rye, kamut, spelt

-Sweeteners: white and brown refined sugars, syrup, honey, high fructose corn syrup

-Fruits and Vegetables: Not all are ideal at this point, so look out for: oranges, orange juice, corn, creamed vegetables

-Vegetable protein: soybean products, tofu, soy milk, soy yoghurt

-Animal protein: port, veal, beef, canned meats, shellfish

-Nuts: peanuts and peanut butter

-Condiments: ketchup, relishes, chutney, teriyaki, chocolate spreads

-Oils: salad dressings and spreads

For more advice on the detox diet, read this article on the best detox plan for your personality.

A detox need not be a painful experience and this summer detox diet can be a delight and will have you invigorated and renewed in no time!

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