Super satisfying foods under 50 calories

Super satisfying foods under 50 calories

Here’s the golden question. Is really it possible to find satisfying foods for less than 50 calories? Or is it ‘Mission Impossible’! Once you’ve finished shaking your head in disbelief, we are going to tell you the good news. Yes, it is possible to find super satisfying foods under 50 calories and this article is going to help you find them!

A little bit of calorie revision for you. The average women needs 2000 calories a day to maintain her weight, while the average man needs 2500 calories. A kg or 2 pounds of fat has an energy value of 7000 calories. Therefore, if you eat 7000 calories less than you need every week, you should lose a kg.

As always, people are not as simple as mathematical equations and it is not always a straightforward case of ‘energy in should equal energy out’ or to lose weight ‘eat less and move more’! The ease and speed at which you lose weight depends on your individual metabolic profile, as well as the quality of the foods you eat.


It’s also important to underline that eating for your health is so much more important than focusing exclusively on calories. For example, if you eat 1000 calories per day in the form of chocolate and sweets (and we don’t recommend this!) while you may still lose some weight, you run the risk of becoming deficient in some of the essential nutrients needed for good health.

In order to maximise our health and vitality, our aim should be to eat a wide variety of different foods. We also want to optimise the sensations of satiety and fullness as this helps to prevent us from consuming more calories than we need. Research has demonstrated time and time again that foods which are rich in protein help to keep us fuller for longer because protein rich food are digested more slowly.

Fibre is also important for similar reasons, it helps to slow down the speed of digestion and keep us feeling sated. As for fats, they are essential for our health and while they are calorific, they are also digested more slowly than other nutrients such as carbohydrates.

In terms of satisfying snacks for under 50 calories, they need to tick the following boxes:

Quick, tasty, high in fibre and/or high in protein and/or high in fat (calories permitting!)

Super satisfying foods under 50 calories

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6 almonds – 42 calories

This snack ticks all the boxes for fat, protein and satiety. Almonds pack a nutritional punch! Note that a tsp or 5g of seeds contains the same calories and is also a super satisfying snack.

85g of blueberries – 45 calories

High in fibre, low in sugar and packed with antioxidants. A perfect healthy low calorie snack.

1 tsp of coconut oil – 39 calories

While this may sound strange, coconut oil tends to hit the spot when it comes to food cravings. Let it melt in your mouth and enjoy the delicious coconut taste! It is high in fat but studies seem to show the the fat from coconut products is metabolised (burnt off) more quickly.

10g of dark chocolate – 1 square  – 50 calories 

The good news is that dark chocolate is good for us albeit in small amounts! A square of dark chocolate melted slowly in the mouth is a perfect ‘pick me’ up.  Just try not to eat the whole bar!

1 small serving of miso soup (1/2 cup or 50ml)  – 50 calories

Tasty, comforting and so very satisfying.

Cottage cheese dip – 50 calories

2 tbsp of low fat cottage cheese mixed with some chopped chives and served with 4 cherry tomatoes and a few sticks of cucumber.

30g of sliced roasted chicken breast – a protein packed, powerful snack.  You can shred the chicken and wrap it in some lettuce leaves. Other low calories protein packed snacks include 50g cooked prawns or 30g cooked ham.

We’ve achieved ‘Mission Possible’ and given you some ideas of low calorie snacks.  The final advice from us experts?! When looking for super satisfying snacks under 50 calories, the aim should be to focus on natural and minimally processed foods to maximise taste and satiety.

While you could have a handful of sweets or a bite of cake, these types of snacks are not going to keep you feeling satisfied and they are a source of ‘empty calories! Think of your calories like a bank account, if you have 50 calories to ‘spend’ you want to try and get value for your money!