Superfoods for a Super New You: 1 New Food a Day

Superfoods for a Super New You: 1 New Food a Day

Superfoods are very much in vogue especially with the new SIRT diet. Rather than aim for a specific diet we should always be aiming for a balanced diet.

Within a balanced diet you should have mainly wholefoods which just means foods in their natural state; to make sure you get the maximum nutrients minus additives which put more stress on the body.

I find that most people do not have enough variety in their diet which also results in not enough nutrients and can lead to common ailments such as tiredness and headaches.


Why eat superfoods?

The benefit of a superfood is they will have more nutrients than other similar foods you may already eat so you will not always have to make big changes while having a bonus of more energy and better circulation after eating them for a few weeks.

So here I am going to recommend 7 news foods you can add in 1 week. Starting I with most peoples favourite chocolate.

Day 1 – Raw cacao

Swap milk chocolate for raw cacao is sourced initially to go into confectionery such as chocolate bars but nutrients are depleted from heat processing and the additional sugar added in.

Raw cacao is richer in calcium, magnesium and iron so good for stress and energy food.

No wonder we consume so much regular chocolate! So to relax before you go to bed or even an energy boost in the day add a dessertspoon to milk for a rich chocolatey taste. If you need to sweeten it add 1 tsp of molasses also rich in nutrients.

You can also make raw chocolate brownies to replace chocolate bars and cakes.

Day 2 – Dates

Use your cacao to add to dates to make raw chocolate brownie.

Rich in fibre as well as calcium and magnesium also important for healthy bones and to keep your digestive system regular.

Add 2 cups of chopped dates to 1 cup of ground almonds and 3 tbsp of cacao with 2 tbsp juice and blitz until it forms a dough. Then roll into tiny bite size pieces and enjoy without feeling guilty.

Day 3 – Red onions

Swap white onions for red onions which are rich in quercitin plus nutrients called flavonoids which are both anti- inflammatory nutrient to support joints, heart health and hayfever suffers.

Onions are great for quick stir fries mixed with celery and apple also a source of quercetin.

Day 4 – Celery

Superfoods for a Super New You: 1 New Food a DayA natural diuretic so great if you are feeling bloated or have a inflammatory conditions such as gout. Use as crudities for a light lunch or afternoon snack with nut butter or hummus. Great in soups with red onions and apple.

Day 5 – Kale

Swap spinach for kale. The calcium isn’t absorbed well and contains oxalates which are not good for people at risk of kidney stones.

Kale is good for smoothies or stir fries. Also try as a snack alternative to crisps.

Put a handful of kale in a clear sandwich bag. Add a tbsp of olive oil and shake. Then place on a tray and cook for 4 to 5 minutes @ 200c for a yummy super snack.

Day 6 – Walnuts

Replace almonds with walnuts for a raw chocolate brownie. See recipe from Day 2 for details.

Walnuts are rich in omega 3 and great brain food supporting the circulation.

New research suggest they will help extend your life by up to 3 years. Add a handful to breakfast cereal, keep a bag in your desk draw or add to a crunchy Waldorf salad with celery and apple.

Day 7 – Buckwheat

Swap wheat flour for Buckwheat flour which is actually wheat free and rich in rutin which supports the circulation. Add the flour to pancakes for a tasty Sunday morning treat

Whisk up 100ml milk and 1 egg and fold in flour. Leave for 10 minutes . Then add 1 serving spoonful to a non stick pan heated with coconut oil and cook each side for 2 minute. Serve with berry compote and Greek yoghurt.

Also look out for buckwheat noodles which you can add to a bolognaise sauce.

So as you can see before you know it you will be eating 2 or 3 superfoods on top of lots of good wholefoods without trying every day for a Super New You!

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