Take the QUIZ: What diet is right for me?

Take the QUIZ: What diet is right for me?

Take the QUIZ: What diet is right for me?

Summer time and the beach is beckoning!  Time to think about getting in shape for the funky swimwear.  So many diets to choose from, and as always ‘the best diet is the one which works for you’!

Why don’t you try our fun quiz to help you select the perfect diet for you?

1. You find counting calories..

a) Unnecessary

b) What’s a calorie?

c) Fascinating – who would have thought there were so many calorie options!

2.  You wake up in the morning and…

a) Are never very hungry and could easily wait until lunchtime to eat, but feel that you should eat something

b) Eat a bowl of cereal and fresh fruit, washed down by coffee

c) Eat an egg and a small piece of brown toast and note all of this down carefully in a little black book

3. When it comes to portion control…

a) You find this difficult, sometimes you can eat a lot, but you find it easy to go long periods of time without eating

b) What’s portion control?  Food should be freshly cooked, savored and enjoyed!

c) Easy, peasy especially with your portable scales which fit so snugly in your handbag

4. Your favourite food is..

a) A large serving of animal protein and lashings of vegetables

b) A plate of fresh pasta with salad and a glass of wine

c) A shop bought salad, because then you can see exactly how many calories are in it!

5. Mid afternoon and you are feeling a bit peckish..

a) You ignore the feeling and tell yourself that you’ll be eating again in a few hours  anyway

b) You reach for one of your home made muffins which you have with a coffee – yum!

c) You carefully weigh out 80g of apple slices and note it all down in your black book

6. It’s someone’s birthday in the office and they pass around a tray of doughnuts to celebrate..

a) You take one and tell yourself that you can simply skip supper if you are not hungry later

b) You take one and savour it as it’s made by the best doughnut company in the area

c) You decline politely – 278 calories per doughnut, no thank you!

7. Your partner cooks you a surprise 3 course meal…

a) You are delighted – what a lovely surprise

b) Thrilled.  You and your partner both keen foodies who really enjoy cooking

c) Terrified – There’s an extra 700 calories which you have not planned for….!

Take the QUIZ: What diet is right for me?

Mostly A’s: Intermittant Faster

You enjoy your food and have a healthy appetite.  You tend to eat when you are hungry, so your meal times are not always regular.  You do not like to count calories or worry about portion sizes.  An intermittent fasting approach would suit you perfectly and fit nicely into your lifestyle.  This approach involves having longer periods of time without eating (eg ‘fasting’) and then eating your meals within a certain period.  For example, you could skip breakfast and then have lunch and supper within an eight-hour window between 1pm-8pm or even just eat one meal a day.  This means that you are ‘fasting’ for at least 16 hours, which some studies show helps to optimise fat burning.  The approach will have you ready for summer in no time!

Mostly Bs: Mediterranean Muncher

A mediterranean diet might be the best approach for you as you don’t like to count calories and really enjoy your food.  This diet is based on freshly prepared foods, inspired by Southern European eating habits and focuses on unrefined cereals, vegetables, fruits, moderate amounts of protein and healthy fats.  This approach suits perfectly as you are a keen cook.  Note that you do need to be aware of portion sizes and also need to pay attention to the sugar content of your food (!).  This diet will get you looking and feeling on top form in no time.

Mostly Cs:King or Queen of the calories

You enjoy calorie counting and are capable of exercising rigid control over what you eat.  Eating less calories is a sure way to lose weight.  Just be aware of the quality v quantity issues with calories as while certain foods are calorific, such as nuts and avocado, they are incredibly good for our health and a rich source of healthy fats.  It might also be an idea to just occasionally let your hair down and have a dessert or glass of wine.  Willpower is like a muscle and it can only be exercised so much before it ‘breaks’.  This approach will have you looking and feeling relaxed and healthy for the beach!

Maybe our kick starter diet plan is right for you!