The Art of Losing Weight without Stress

The Art of Losing Weight without Stress

The Art of Losing Weight without Stress

The internet is flooded with tons of articles explaining how to lose weight fast or talking about the latest diet trends and exercises, but no one really explains about the art of losing weight, without dealing with stress and even keeping it off.

One of the most popular topics in the industry is weight loss.

Whether you’re looking to find the healthiest way to lose weight or simply looking to maintain a healthy weight – weight control is what we all seem to have in common.


Why are we so fixated on weight loss?

The idea of controlling our weight and making positive changes in our life – is quite empowering.

While there are many ways to lose weight fast – perhaps in 5-10-20 days – it is important to be mindful of how quick weight loss will affect your health.

So even if you’re skinny on the outside, your body may not look so healthy in the inside.

This is way we must learn to understand the art of losing weight without stress.

7 tips that will help you lose weight without stress

These helpful tips for weight loss will guide you into healthy lifestyle changes that will change your body in a positive way.

1. Eat to survive, not to indulge

Take note of the foods you eat and put into your body.

Learn about where your food comes from and how is it made.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have you eat poorly. We don’t mean eating only vegetables and fruits for the rest of your life, but a well-balanced eating plan is a key to losing weight without starving yourself.

Go for whole foods. This is the simple produce without the added preservatives and sugar – yes I’m talking about foods like Nutella.

Did you know that Nutella is one of the biggest shams out there?

It’s advertised as being a great, healthy alternative to other spreads like peanut butter as it is loaded with cocoa power, hazelnuts and skim milk.

The Art of Losing Weight without StressBut they forget to mention the not-so-healthy ingredients including modified palm oil and refined sugar.

So what are whole foods exactly? As Jamie Oliver says “Real foods don’t have labels on them.”

2. Drink plenty of water

It is important for our bodies to stay hydrated especially if you are trying to lose weight.

I suggest carrying a water bottle everywhere you go with a goal amount each day.

The normally recommended water intake is about 64 ounces, depending on your body weight. If you don’t like the taste of water or are simply bored with it, I recommend that you try infused water.

You can add any fruits and even vegetables if you prefer. This will help add nutrients and flavor to your water without consuming extra calories.

3. Increase your physical activity every day

You’ve probably heard about fitness experts mentioning physical swaps like trade in your cars for bikes or take the stairs rather than the elevator.  It may sound clichéd but they actually do add up.

These minor changes will make all the difference and help your body burn more calories through the day.

Start walking the dog or go for a walk your children, walk anywhere you need to go to, especially if it’s close by. If you must drive, park your car further away that you normally would.

Not only will some of these tips burn calories, but will also save you money too.

4. Increase your metabolism

Metabolism is important when it comes to losing weight, you can increase your resting metabolism by strength training. This will increase the overall amount of muscle you have.

Make sure to follow a proper nutrition plan as regular balanced meals with provide more energy to burn fat and regulate your metabolism.

Make sure to never wait until you are starving, as this will lead to overeating and end up causing you to gain more weight.

Through organizing a weekly meal planner, you can stay on track and know just how much you are eating on the daily.

5. Get the right amount of sleep

The Art of Losing Weight without StressNot getting enough sleep will cause many health problems that will make you fail at losing weight.

For many, it’s hard to have at least 6-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but through time management – you can find ways to make it work.

Take responsibility and prioritize your daily tasks.

Remember, without proper sleep – your brain will not function at its best.

6. Change bad habits

Get rid of bad habits that will affect your health. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you continue to repeat the same habits over and over while expecting different results, you are only setting yourself up for failure.

7. Learn to accept your body

Forget trying to aim for the perfect body, but aim for a better you.

We must be mindful that not every workout or meal plan will go exactly how we want it to be as life sometimes gets in the way.

Perhaps you get stuck in a meeting and miss your workout, or oversleep and didn’t pack a lunch. Remember that it is okay to start over and accept things the way they are.

Tomorrow is always a new day to start fresh, so do not stress!

Remember not to base your confidence in weight loss from the number on the scale.

Remember that muscle weighs more than fat.

Instead, keep track of your body’s circumference and measure your progress with fitness counts and inches you’ve lost.

Take pictures to really see the difference – it will definitely keep you motivated to keep going and push harder.

Also, while it is better to go natural and lose weight without any slimming products, make sure to read the weight loss product reviews beforehand as many have risks of serious illnesses.

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