The Basic Principles of the Paleo Diet

The Basic Principles of the Paleo Diet

The Basic Principles of the Paleo Diet

Paleo is short for paleolithic, and is a term used to describe a collection of dietary and fitness guidelines that are developed, based on theories of human evolution. It can also be know as the Caveman Diet.

A Paleo diet, being relatively low in carbohydrates, is in some regards similar to the Atkins Diet and has become popular through many people from different walks of life. Ranging from mums trying to loose weight to competitive body builders, leading up to a show.

There are many different variations on the Paleo theme and many people have developed somewhat different versions over time. However, despite these variations,


The main concepts of the Paleo diet remain the same and agree on a few principles

> Only eat foods, which can be picked or hunted
> Avoid foods, which cannot be eaten raw
> Prefer meat products in which animals are fed their natural food

This simply translates to the following:

> Avoid sugars, refined seeds and vegetable oils. These are not found in nature and only available after heavy industrial processing.
> Avoid starchy carbohydrates (potatoes), grains (such as wheat) and Legumes as none of these can be eaten raw.
> Natural fats, such as butter, coconut oils and lard are considered “neutral”

The Basic Principles of the Paleo Diet

As far as fats go in the Paleo Diet, as stated above, there are different variations of Paleo. The individual in question is advised to study the respective dietary guidelines and see which one fits and more importantly works best for them. One thing to remember however, that although Paleo states to only eat foods that can be eaten raw, this doesn’t mean you have to eat them raw. It is only a guideline to narrow down foods and just states that if you can eat that food raw, it is fine for Paleo – you can however cook it.

Did you know you could also have dessert on the Paleo diet? Try these awesome peanut butter cookie recipes to truly enjoy the Paleo journey!

So, if this type of diet is so popular, and people worldwide are following the Paleo lifestyle, what are the benefits?

Reports and studies from individuals, who have used the Paleo diet have said that they had a vast reduction in body fat, and an increase in muscle mass without changing their training program – just their nutrition side of things. Also, the reduction of fast blood glucose levels, which in turn, leads to a reduced chance of Diabetes. Finally, in some cases, a reduction in blood pressure. One thing to remember, though, if you do suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or any other conditions that when reading, Paleo is said to have helped, this isn’t a fix for the condition. If you suffer from any conditions, then you should always seek professional, medical advice from your doctor.