The Benefits Of A Raw Food Diet

The Benefits Of A Raw Food Diet

The Benefits Of A Raw Food Diet

There is always a reason to detox and clean up. We don’t need to wait for post Christmas and New Year recovery or for Summer holiday excesses to pass.

There are endless detox kits, teas, herbs, foods, plans, diets and other items that are nicely packaged and make choosing the best cleanse for you a bit of a tricky business.

So it is always nice to see detoxing made simple. There are so many age old fundamental principles and facts that we must not lose sight of and these tend to make the whole process so much easier. Such as this little snippet – humble dandelions for example have great detoxing properties!


But as years go on we rather neglect the findings of our ancestors and dismiss their ways in favour of our own ‘new’ discoveries. As I’m ticking on a bit myself I appreciate more and more the value of experience and despite one science claim after another, we often find ourselves no better informed.

How can we be so quick to assume that the latest is the greatest? I went to a lecture by the Naturopath Keki Sidhwa who, at 90, looks to have an abundance of life still ahead of him. And he’s seriously worth listening too.

The Benefits Of A Raw Food Diet

Keki has helped more than 30,000 people overcome their ailments through what he calls a Hygienic lifestyle.

Yes that’s right – the way we mostly do it is less than hygienic for our insides! He speaks of the importance of a mostly raw diet – 80% in fact.

Cooked food is ‘dead food’ and to assist the digestion of this foodless entity, white blood cells flock to the intestines in defence. As they do this, the rest of the body is left undefended. It is easy to see how after years of this practice, it puts a great strain on the immune system.

Raw foods don’t demand this action and therefore leave the white cells available for other tasks.

Raw foods affect the body on a cellular level in many ways

Rather importantly in restoring the correct sodium, potassium, acid and alkaline balance. When we’re poorly or injured the chemical balance of a cell is disturbed, changed actually.

In severe cases (cancer), an impervious mucus forms around the cell and becomes a huge challenge to break down. Yet raw foods help the pancreas to produce cancer fighting enzymes that can break this mucous barrier… thus allowing the cancer cell to be liquidated by the immune system.

We’re always searching for supplements or alkaline foods to correct our deficits and imbalances when a raw diet would restore our equilibrium well enough.

Eating raw also comes with many other benefits such as: more pep and vigour, less stress, increased sex drive, more comfortable menstruation, gets us stronger and faster and rewards us with a decade of rejuvenation inside and out.

Getting back to nature and previous practices is not just an exercise in curiosity but a necessity for survival.

A hygienic lifestyle will bring you more vitamins than you could fit into your tablet box.

Try limiting your cooked foods to 20% of your diet and as Keki rather concisely reminds us, “One third of what you eat keeps you alive, the other two thirds keep the hospitals alive”.

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