The best muscle building breakfast foods for spring/summer 2015

The best muscle building breakfast foods for spring/summer 2015

The most important key to increased muscle gains is to NEVER skip breakfast.

After your 8 hours of sleep your body has entered into a state of starvation, therefore, a healthy breakfast not only kick starts your day, it boosts your metabolism while fueling your impending workout and leaving you less hungry throughout the day.

One of the most important nutrients for muscle building is protein, so I highly recommend researching and considering a protein supplement to help you meet your muscle building needs.


I know the idea of “protein supplements” can sound off putting, but protein comes in many forms and supplements are just that; supplements to an already healthy diet.

Here are a few other foods that you can introduce to your breakfast mix that provide plenty of protein to aid in your muscle gain:


A breakfast food most preferred by muscle builders due to it’s complex carbs and fiber content. These complex carbs provide fuel for you workout and the fiber helps your belly to feel fuller, longer.

Avoid the instant oatmeal because it is loaded with sugar. A personal preference of mine is to sprinkle about half a teaspoon of brown sugar on top or to mix in my favorite nonfat Greek yogurt for a more enjoyable taste.

Whole Wheat Muffins

If you’re looking to gain muscle in conjunction with loosing weight, whole wheat muffins are a terrific option. These muffins are rich in fiber and have a smaller carbohydrate content.

The fiber, much like in oatmeal, helps you to feel fuller longer and with fewer calories. Spreading some almond butter or natural jelly atop of these muffins makes them a delicious treat.

The best muscle building breakfast foods for spring/summer 2015


Although egg yolk contains cholesterol and fat, the egg whites can be considered one of the easiest and best muscle building breakfast. Throw in some spinach, red bell peppers, and mushrooms and you have yourself a light and beneficial breakfast.


Yogurt is another protein resource to add to your growing list of breakfast foods. Aim for a nonfat, plain, Greek yogurt as it is drained of excess water and whey making it dense with more protein in every ounce.

The nonfat plain Greek yogurt contains 17grams of protein per 100 calories (on average). Make sure you double check the labels as some “Greek-style” yogurts contain insulin and pectin.


Fruit has always been high on the list of health importance and makes for a great breakfast, but fruit alone cannot be the only food a muscle builder has at breakfast. Pair your fruit with other protein rich and fat sources and you’re good to go!

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