The Cancer Protection Diet

The Cancer Protection Diet

Rates of cancer are rising and the statistics in 2012 indicated that half the UK population would get cancer in their lifetime.

Now I don’t know about you but that is a scary statistic for me.

Protect yourself from cancer

The reason I find this so scary is that we are able to protect ourselves from cancer with some simple and easy diet and lifestyle changes but most people are not aware of what these are.

We see lots of adverts to raise money for cancer awareness and cancer research. I don’t think cancer awareness is an issue – we are all aware that cancer exists – the biggest issue is in knowing how to protect ourselves.

So, what is cancer?

Please note I am speaking in very general terms and this is in no way a diagnosis but in my experience, my research and working with cancer patients and being a cancer survivor myself, cancer is a result of imbalances in the body.

The body becomes toxic and acidic and cancer is an expression of this, it is the outcome of underlying issues in the body and these are caused by diet, lifestyle and stress.

Why do more people have cancer?

Ever wondered why more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer, it is because we are living more and more stressed out lives and generally our diets are filled with processed and packaged food that has little or no nutritional value.

The body is simply unable to survive on this and symptoms start to occur.

If we ignore these symptoms, they are suppressed and we drive them deeper into the body and – depending on your genes – this manifest as cancer.

I am not saying that if you have a cancer gene in your family you will get cancer but you need to be aware that you have the ability to switch your genes on or off. Having a healthy real, whole food diet, managing your stress, enjoying life and moving about are ways to ensure that the gene remains switched off.

Once you are eating a poor diet, allowing stress to take over your life and are sedentary you could be switching the gene on.

Isn’t it great to know that you have control?

My basic cancer protection diet:

– Eat real whole foods

– Choose organic whenever you can

– Avoid processed and packaged foods

– Avoid sugar, artificial sugar and sweeteners

– Remove as many toxins from your life as you can, skincare, personal care products, household cleaners, air fresheners

– Manage your stress

– Move more

– Breathe more and breathe deeply

Keep hydrated, drink clean water

Hopefully if you are a regular reader of my articles and of WatchFit, you will notice a recurring theme that this diet is not only for protection from cancer but for protection from any illness.

The Cancer Protection DietI mention choosing organic food wherever possible and this is because various compounds can find their way into our conventional food supply, this happens through farming practices and food processing and most of these compounds are not intended for human consumption.

Examples include growth hormones or antibiotics used in animal farming, pesticides and herbicides used in agriculture bisphenol A (BPA) or phthalates that enter food from packaging, these act as hormone-like substances in the body and although they may not directly cause cancer they can influence your health.

Heavy metals such as cadmium or mercury can enter through the food supply or through their presence in water and these are directly related to cancer risks.

Processed food is altered in many ways such as the refining of grains which lowers the amount of fibre, preservatives such as sodium nitrate are added to processed meats to preserve them or enhance the flavour, these additives and preservatives affect our overall health and increase the potential of us getting cancer.

Organic foods and products

The reason I always recommend organic foods is because foods labelled organic exclude genetically modified foods, foods that have been irradiated and unlike conventional foods the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics is not permitted in organic farming.

Always ensure that any products have a Soil Association or USDA organic logo as this means the organisations have gone through rigorous testing to ensure their standards of production.

Diet, supplements and your environment are essential when working on a Cancer Protection Diet.

To find out more about designing a Cancer Prevention Diet and how I can help create a bespoke plan for you, connect with me by clicking here and we can start straightaway.

Disclaimer: This plan is not a substitute for medical guidance and if you in any doubt please speak to you Doctor/GP /Health Care Provider before commencing on this plan.

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