The Drinking Water Showdown: Is Bottled Water Better?

The Drinking Water Showdown: Is Bottled Water Better?

How important is water for us?

You’ve all heard it before, our bodies are made up of at least 70% water (or somewhere around there). It’s true, we are mostly made of water, even though we aren’t sloshing around. H2O is the medium that all our body processes work through, everything happens in water.

If you are dehydrated, it is guaranteed your body will not work as well as it should. You will get fatigued, muscles will not perform optimally, your brain will get foggy, you get the picture.


Needless to say, drinking water is crucial to our function (and survival). Drinking enough helps our skin look better, our muscles stay stronger, and to feel energized.

But does this apply to any and every kind of water we drink?

Tap vs bottled – the showdown

In an all out brawl of these 2 choices, my pick would be… well honestly, there are so many factors that come into play. Let’s take a look.

– Why is tap water better?

The Drinking Water Showdown: Is Bottled Water Better?I want to know where you live.

Do you live in a city where water is recycled? Or do you live in a little village in the Alps where your water comes from the mountain glaciers?

You should be able to get a water report of your local tap water. Where I live, reports are sent out yearly and include how much of what is in the water.

If you live around a lot of other people and the water is processed with chlorine among other things, there’s a good chance there’s some stuff in the water you don’t want to be drinking, such as nitrates from farm run-off, pharmaceutical residues from medications flushed down the commode, chlorine, or fluoride.

These chemicals most likely are miniscule in volume, but may have an accumulative effect within the body. Over time, many chemicals can slow your body’s detoxification pathways leadings to health problems.

Whether or not you want to drink your local tap water comes down to what’s in it. Check your local reports and make an informed decision. If you live in a city, I highly recommend using a reverse osmosis water filtration system, which will rid the water of harmful chemicals.

– Why is bottled water better?

Unfortunately, there are also issues with bottled water.

Even water you bottle yourself, into plastic. Plastic is a problem. A big health problem.

As the water sits in the plastic, chemicals from the plastic called xenoestrogens (these are chemicals that mimic the hormone estrogen) leech into the water. This is why you’ve probably heard someone saying don’t drink water from a bottle that has been sitting in the sun (it speeds up the chemical leeching).

The problem with these xenoestrogens being in your water is that now you are putting them inside of you.

These chemicals will increase the amount of estrogen you have in your body.

This is detrimental for men and women alike. Increased estrogen is associated with weight gain, several types of cancers, polycystic ovarian syndrome, decreased sex drive, irregular menstruation (for women), hair loss, fatigue, difficulty with memory, mood swings, trouble sleeping, infertility, and gynecomastia in men (breast development).


When it comes down to it, my winner is reverse osmosis filtered water.

High quality drinking water is crucial for optimal health. My recommendation is a high quality reverse osmosis filtration system (options are listed on my website). These are not overly expensive and can be installed under your kitchen sink.

This way you know you are getting purified, high quality water. And if you need to take it anywhere with you, bottle it yourself in a stainless steel or glass container. There are many portable water bottle brands made of these 2 materials.

Don’t skip out on your health when it comes to water. That 70% is very important.

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