The ‘get fit’ Christmas countdown (15): 5 low cal Chrismas cocktails + a 4 min. hiit to immediately burn them off

The ‘get fit’ Christmas countdown (15): 5 low cal Chrismas cocktails + a 4 min. hiit to immediately burn them off

It’s only 15 sleeps ‘til Santa Claus climbs down our chimneys! The festive season should be the most wonderful time of year, the last thing you want to do is spend it worrying about blowing your calories with high calorie drinks.

What’s the alternative to high calorie, fattening Christmas cocktails?

If you don’t know what sensible options are, rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Saving just a few extra calories a day will help counteract the damage done by Christmas family feasting and those social cocktails that leave us feeling bloated and sluggish.


It’s great to be social and incorporate the occassional dirnk into a balanced lifestyle to keep you sane, but their are smarter ways to go about it than drinking your days worth of calories via eggnog, then wondering why you gained 10lbs by January.

No, it’s not inevitable, be selective with your drink choices and fit in a few short workouts consistently and you will be in a far better position than your former self. Being smart with your food choices is going to be a major factor, but sometimes you just want to let your hair down and have a few celebratory drinks. Here’s how to nail it.

The key is to choose lower calorie spirits and not adding excessive fat or carb calories that really add up! Mixing diet soda as a mixer, instead of the full calorie version, will help you in warding away the sneaky festive season fat gain and allow you to enjoy the holidays without detrimental effects on your health.

If you are craving something a little fancier than your standard vodka and soda, try these tasty Christmas cocktails that will have you dancing all night long

1. Santa’s favorite kahlua espresso martini – 1 part espresso, 1 part Kahlua, 1 part vodka

2. Santa’s little helper shot – 1 part peppermint schnapps, 1 part Bacardi

3. Candy cane delight – peppermint essence, raspberry infused vodka, sprite zero

4. Hot spiced rum – 2 ounces rum, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 slice lemon, boiled water

5. Ginger bread punch – 3 shots sugar free cinnamon syrup, 2 cups diet ginger ale, 3 cups sprite zero, 1/2 cup vodka, 2 cups champagne

Now that you have your cocktail o’clock sorted, why not try out this time saving interval workout to enhance your daily calorie burn and boost your metabolism. Everyone will have time for this easy 4 min workout to fast forward your goals to a better body and higher fitness levels.

The ‘get fit’ Christmas countdown (15): 5 low cal Chrismas cocktails + a 4 min. hiit to immediately burn them off

Begin with a quick cardio warm up of jump rope or dynamic stretching, followed up with the Four minute Fat Blast:

– 20secs mountain climbers
– 40secs rest
– 20secs burpees
– 40secs rest
– 20secs jump lunges
– 40secs rest
– 20secs 20 secs jump squats

How easy is that? Perfect for the busy holiday period. See if you can go a little faster each time to squeeze a few more reps in. By January you will be a pro!

Sometimes four minutes is all you need. But if you want to do more, and your four minute fat blast revs up your motivation to keep moving, increase your fat burning by following it up with a brisk walk for 25-45mins. Walking has some great health benefits, it’s easy on your joints compared to other forms of cardio, and will leave you feeling great!

A daily walk will decrease stress and help boost your mood, ideal for when christmas time gets a little overwhelming. You will feel even better when you beat the weight gain, and have your friends wondering how you stayed looking fabulous after festive feasts and jolly drinking.

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