The ‘get fit’ Christmas countdown (9): learn this healthy gingerbread recipe & an 8 min. cardio blast to burn extra carbs

The ‘get fit’ Christmas countdown (9): learn this healthy gingerbread recipe & an 8 min. cardio blast to burn extra carbs

It’s 9 days left to Christmas and we’ll help you get and stay fit over the holiday season so you feel and look amazing and also you will be able to enjoy lovely gingerbread too.

Gingerbread is a very popular Christmas cake all over the world in different forms and shapes. It can be found in the form of soft or hard cake, biscuit, bread or other pastries.

In England, gingerbread is being found in the form of cake or cookie made with ginger. The cookie calls gingerbread man. In the United States there is gingerbread cake or the harder version called ginger cake. Traditional gingerbread in Bulgaria is as big as the palm of the hand, round and flat covered with chocolate. In Switzerland gingerbread is nearly 1 inch thick in the form of a rectangle with marzipan inside.


In the Netherlands and Belgium, gingerbread is soft and crumby and usually served at breakfast time or during the day with butter. Italian dense, rich gingerbread is almost candy -like enriched with nuts and dried fruits. All over the world people make gingerbread houses and gingerbread cookies shaped with tin cutters, which become tree ornaments.

There’s no better smell in Christmas time than the smell of gingerbread in the oven. Gingerbread contains loads of spice and ginger, which was known for its medicinal properties in ancient times. It was usually prescribed to cure stomach aches. You can now make your own healthy guilt-free gingerbread and feel good about yourself after eating it.

Gingerbread recipe


– 1/2 cup melted butter
– 1/3 cup coconut milk
– 3 gingertea bags
– 3/4 Cup coconut flour
– Pinch of salt
– 5 free range eggs
– 1/3 cup black strap molasses
– 3 tbsp dried ginger

The ‘get fit’ Christmas countdown (9): learn this healthy gingerbread recipe & an 8 min. cardio blast to burn extra carbs


1. Pour milk and melted butter into pan, add teabags and simmer for 5minutes.
2. Whisk eggs with molasses and dried ginger.
3. Mix coconut flour with salt.
4. Pour egg mixture into flour and mix.
5. Take out tea bags from the mixture and gradually pour it into flour mix.

Pour the ready gingerbread dough into 9inch*5inch loaf and bake it in preheated oven 400 F for 20 mins.

Enjoy your guilty free gingerbread but still eat it as a treat after your meal instead of replacing your actual meal with it.

Christmas time is a very special time, but it shouldn’t be an excuse for you to get lazy. Just stay active. Even 8 minutes of activity per day will make a big difference.

The 8 minute workout

Start with a small warm up – run on spot for 120 seconds with high jump up every 10 seconds.

Get ready for tabata training. You will do burpees with high jump. Train for 20seconds as fast as you can and chill for 10 seconds. Repeat 8 times.

Last 120 seconds jump forward and backward and change direction to side to side every 10 seconds. Make sure your jumps are as big as you can and keep your legs together. Between your warm up, tabata and jumps try to have as little break as possible, maximum 1 minute.

Enjoy your Christmas but have in mind that you try to eat well and stay fit and healthy throughout the year and also throughout the Christmas season. So don’t ruin what you’ve earned throughout the year and after Christmas you will still be able to fit into that little black dress for the New Year’s Eve party.