The gracie diet is it a sensible weight way to lose weight or just another fad diet?

The gracie diet is it a sensible weight way to lose weight or just another fad diet?

The Gracie diet concept was designed by marshall arts expert Carlos Gracie to.compliment exercise and optimum health over a period of 65 years. His brother Helio is now aged 95 which is evidence the diet can work for you!

It is ideally designed to make your body (a) more effective at digesting food reducing fermentation which can lead to bloating and water retention and (b) reducing acidity which can set off inflammation which can stimulate fat storage.

Ideally you can eat all foods but initially the diet is divided into 3 stages to get the body to work more efficiently.


Stage 1

You eat only 3 meals a day and NO snacks with a gap of 4.5 hours between each meal to allow your body to digest thoroughly and also should stop overstimulation of blood sugar which encourages fat storage.

So from this theory you should eat enough to fill up so ideally eat more protein and less carbohydrate which is the basis of many healthy eating programmes. The protein sends messages to your brain that your stomach is full!.

By avoiding snacks and eating more protein at main meals it will reduce your uptake of processed snacks ie crisps, chocolate and biscuits.

Stage 2 

Avoid all fruit based drinks fruit juices, squashes. This makes senses as the sugar stimulates fat storage so it should encourage more balance of blood sugar and fat burning.

While drinking lots of water inbetween meals to cleanse and fill up. As dehydration can make you feel more hungry. Do not drink more than a total of 2 litres spread out over the day.

Stage 3

Is to only eat one type of carbohydrate group. So bread and pasta ok with one meal but don’t mix it with rice. Don’t have fruit after a meal only have fruit as your main meal so fruit at dinner as more protein important earlier in the day to regulate blood sugar and keep up mental alertness.

Fruit as a carbohydrate can help you relax by increasing serotonin levels. Including fruit such as kiwi fruit which are very high in vitamin C help support the adrenal glands reducing oxidative stress on the body and therefore may also help you sleep.

Like any diet there are rules to follow

Overall compared to other diets it is reasonably sensible.

The stages make sense and you are not missing out on main meals and it should encourage people to have set meals.

Ideally if you are already drinking to much fizzy drinks etc on week one i would already start to reduce and opt for more water as you will get bloated drinking too much sugary drinks and still be fermenting on week 1.

Having fruit on it’ own can suit some people as it can bloat you up more from fermenting when eaten after a meal. However if you want fruit as one meal I would suggest eating some cooked fruit with ginger to make it more digestable.

The gracie diet is it a sensible weight way to lose weight or just another fad diet?

It doesn’t seem logical to eat bread plus pasta in the same meal if you are trying to lose weight. Ideally bread is very processed. So I would go for a small pitta bread with a meal or pasta on it’s own at one meal. I would also make sure you alternate carbohydrate groups with rice and quinoa as pasta and bread again can be bloating!

Diet plan example

Stage 1


Porridge with a tablespoon of milled seeds

Or 2 x poached eggs on 1 slice with one small pitta bread and some wilted spinach


Pot of cottage cheese with a large salad

Or half a pot of hummus with 4 oatcakes and 200ml of Soup


150g chicken or cod on a bed of sweet potato mash with stir fried red onions, chicory leaves

Stage 2

As above but cut out all drinks containing sugar and sugar free drinks!

Make sure you drink 2 litres of water ie 250ml per hour over 8 yours. Add 1 dsp of lemon juice to warm water on rising and before dinner.

Stage 3

Add in bake fruit salad for dinner with chopped stem ginger for one week

For 3 portions 2 Apples, 1 pear, 1 banana, 2 plus plums and 1 small orange. Slice up and put in baking tray with a dsp of coconut oil and 2 chopped cubes of stem ginger cook for 30 minutes turning over every 10 minutes. Turn off oven and leave in for another five minutes.

Then finish with a kiwi fruit.

Extra tips re exercise

As you are still having 3 good meals a day and drink good amounts of fluid you should be able to do most exercise and keep exercise programmes of around an hour close to meal times so you can eat soon after which is recommended to replace energy. However don’t have the fruit option for dinner as you will want some protein for muscle recovery!