The low glycemic diet: 5 reasons to consider it for a balanced lifestyle

The low glycemic diet: 5 reasons to consider it for a balanced lifestyle

There’s no shortage of diet plans out there. And I’m sure many of us, unfortunately, have tried more than a few. We try them, lose a few pounds and then get off our “diet” and gain it all back.

Many times, it’s because we elect a diet plan that is just a fad, a temporary solution or is too restrictive or too dramatic. We need an eating plan that is not just a diet but lends itself well to a lifestyle, and the glycemic diet is just that.

The glycemic diet plan has been around for years and is the basis for popularized diet plans like Sugar Busters and The Zone. Basically gylcemic eating is choosing foods that won’t spike blood sugar.


It’s not about omitting food choices, but making better ones. On a glycemic diet you’ll be eating a balanced combination of foods that are high in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and quality carbohydrates and lean proteins.

If you are looking for lifestyle change when it comes to eating, to lose and maintain weight loss take a good look at low glycemic eating. Here are my top 5 reasons why I think this eating style may be for you.

1) Flexibility

Low glycemic eating does take a little getting used to at first. The first step is learning what are the best food choices that are lower on the glycemic scale. But once you have an idea of these choices, there are no restrictions.

There is no calorie counting, no exchanges or swaps. Yes, you can have carbs, bread even! Yes, you can go out to dinner or cocktail hour. You can follow a glycemic eating plan anywhere you go, for every meal and at any time. It’s a plan that doesn’t go out of style and doesn’t require anything special other than typical food items found at your local grocery store.

2)Family Friendly

Flexibility of low glycemic eating lends itself to be family friendly. Frequently what deters many people from sticking to a diet plan is the work it takes to make “your meal” and the family meal.

With low glycemic eating, there are no separate meals to make. Since you’re not omitting food groups, meal planning is simpler for the family. You can make a roast chicken, with mixed vegetables and brown rice for the whole family to enjoy!

The low glycemic diet: 5 reasons to consider it for a balanced lifestyle


Glycemic eating is based on the premise of consuming carbohydrates that won’t cause a spike in blood sugar. Carbohydrates like most vegetables, fruits and quality starches like oats, quinoa and barley.

These foods are all good sources of fiber. Foods that are fibrous take more work to digest, hence a slower release of sugar into the system. And fiber is filling! Even better pair low glycemic carbohydrates with lean protein and you’ve got one healthy, satisfying plate. No hunger pains here!


Eating foods that are low gylcemic, not just build a healthy plate but a healthy body too! Low glycemic foods offer up a plate full of foods high in heart healthy fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The foundation of eating for weight loss and management are consuming foods that are nutritious and nourishing to the body. Replacing refined processed foods, with fresh whole foods is certainly a nutritious choice.


If it didn’t work, would we still be talking about it? As mentioned, low glycemic eating has been around for some time. Originally designed as a plan to help diabetics control their blood sugar levels; it just so happens that weight loss and management was a happy side effect.

Folks that follow a low glycemic plan not just lost the weight but keep it off. Eating healthier causes a chain reaction and additional healthier habits ensue such as exercise. This shift contributes to successful weight loss and a lasting healthy lifestyle.

There are many (maybe too many?) diet plans out there. Low glycemic eating for weight loss and management is just one of those diet plans. It’s up to you to choose what will work the best for you.

Just remember, when choosing an eating style for yourself, don’t go for the quick fixes and the temporary solutions. Choose one that you can commit to for a lifestyle!