The matcha benefits you probably didn’t suspect existed

The matcha benefits you probably didn’t suspect existed

I think just about everyone these days will enjoy a cup of tea from time to time.

There’s no doubt about the benefits of tea as we there have been many articles, TV ads and recommendations from health care providers to drink tea for its health benefits.

Tea in all its varieties, black, white, oolong, rooibos, herbal and of course the mighty green all have unique health benefits. But there is a certain type of green tea that wears the crown as a green tea superpower – Matcha. Haven’t heard of this particular type of green tea, it’s okay, many haven’t.


So what is it exactly and what makes is such a powerhouse? Well I’m going to fill you in!

Matcha stands apart from other teas, first and foremost as it is presented as a powder and not leaves as we come to expect tea.

Matcha green tea leaves are grown and harvested with great care and then ground into a fine powder to which is mixed with water to make a cup a tea. Matcha tea is not steeped like many teas but is dissolved into the water to create a superpower tea drink.

The matcha powder is what makes this tea so special, because as a powder all of the superpower health benefits become more concentrated.

This green tea gem tops the list of green teas when it comes to health benefits. And there are matach benefits aplenty! Here are a few benefit highlights:

The matcha benefits you probably didn’t suspect existed

Antioxidant powerhouse:

Matcha boast an antioxidant content of twenty times more than our fruit superstars of pomegranate and blueberries. In particular matcha is a good source of catetchins, specifically EGCg, the catetchin we’ve come to know green teas to contain. Matcha may contain 60% more of EGCg.

This provides a huge health benefit as antioxidants support the body’s to fend off free radicals that can wreak havoc within such as inflammation, cancer and aging.

Metabolism booster:

EGCg has been studied not only as a super antioxidant but also as a metabolism booster. Green tea supplements are often used as a means to support the metabolism for great calorie burn and promote weight loss/management.

Matcha’s unique natural properties and combinations of antioxidants, EGCg, caffeine, fiber and trace vitamins and minerals can support a healthy metabolism without harmful effects of other products intended to do the same.

Mood Stabilizer:

A cup of tea can do wonders for the soul, to relax, calm and settle us down. Matcha tea contains five times as much as other green teas of the amino acid L-Theanine.

This amino acid promote relaxation and mood to settle the body. Caffeine in match can offer an energy boost if that’s what your mood calls for yet a cup of matcha tea can settle you down to offer focus and concentration, so you can get things done.

Additionally, matcha tea may offer protection from some cancers, helps with cardiovascular disease, anti-aging properties, support lower cholesterol and blood sugar, natural detoxifier and is a good source of fiber and trace minerals and vitamins.

Clearly, matcha tea has earned its crown among the green teas! Enjoy a cup anytime of the day and reap the benefits of good health.