The One Meal Diet: Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

The One Meal Diet: Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

If you hate having breakfast and are too busy for a proper lunch then maybe having one meal a day in order to lose weight might work for you.

And there are people who fast intermittently with no great harm to themselves, but the key word here is ‘intermittent’.

If you do it every single day though I’m afraid your health is going to suffer.


Is intermittent fasting healthy?

Studies have shown that rats subjected to intermittent fasting developed stiffened heart tissue, sapping the organ’s ability to pump blood effectively.

And although you’re not a rat, for the everyday active person, intermittent fasting may present uncomfortable challenges including mood swings, light-headedness, nausea and fatigue.

None of which is particularly good if you’re attempting to lead an active life.

The other downside to that is you cannot keep this up indefinitely and therefore when you go back to ‘normal’ eating as with any faddy way of eating you will put back on the weight you lost and possibly more as well with a lot of damage done to your organs as well.

One meal a day

As I believe moderation in all things maybe the way to go, you could try maybe one day a week. That could work. It’s a way of detoxing.

Monday after a heavy weekend of too rich food and a little too much alcohol would be perfect.

Don’t drink coffee.

Have green tea which is full of antioxidants and very good for you. Add a teaspoonful of coconut oil which is incredibly good for you and will help you lose weight naturally.

What you must realise as well is that one meal must have all the nutrients you need in other words protein good carbohydrates vitamins minerals.

Fuel your body right

If you’re leading an active life and I’m sure you are, you need fuel to keep you going.

If you have a high performance car, no matter how great it is, if you try to run it on empty it might as well be an old heap.

If it doesn’t have gas (petrol) it ain’t going to go anywhere plus think of the damage you’ll be doing to that sleek machine.

Because that is after all what your body is, a sleek machine that needs the right ‘premium’ high grade nutrients to keep its engine working smoothly.

I’m not saying you have to have three huge meals a day

Far from it.

Have you ever thought that you sleep for however many hours a night, say six hours on average. The previous evening your meal was at 8.30. You get up at 6.30, you grab a coffee on the way to the office at 8am, grab a sandwich at lunchtime if you’re lucky and sit down again at 8.30 to put some Marks & Spencer ready meal in the microwave at 8pm.

OK maybe I’ve been watching too many rom-com movies, but seriously, if that’s anywhere near what you do your body is seriously in need of some TLC.

With a few tweaks you can lose weight and maintain a good level of health and vitality.

It’s not about quantity of food it’s about what that food actually is

The One Meal Diet: Weight Loss or Weight Gain?Breakfast

Instead of the croissant have a banana, the world’s first fast food. If you’re at a desk you could have some cereal or yoghurt with the banana on top. There’s no excuse now.

Supermarkets are all over the place and you can buy a big box of cereal – not a sugar laden one though.

Check out Jordans Muesli which doesn’t have any additional sugar and is delicious. If you hate milk try some of the nut ones, like almond or hazelnut or try my favourite Rice Dream with added vanilla, yummy.

Or porridge.

There are some ‘all natural’ bars which are made with dates and nuts and nothing else.

Choose the healthy option

Make sure you get them rather than the other ones on the market which are full of additives including masses of sugar and are not healthy at all. Better to buy some roasted nuts (not salted obviously) and raisons. Or some seeds. All of which are good for you and great for nibbling.

Having something around 8/8.30 sets you up for the morning so you don’t get hungry and want to reach for that chocolate bar or biscuits or cake.


Again there are so many places now that do healthy food and they all seem to have calorie listings. Not that calories alone are going to help you lose weight.

You need to make sure you’re eating the right foods especially with protein to keep you going for the afternoon slog.

How about sushi? Japanese food is very health conscious, no added sugars and very good for you.

Again having a proper lunch rather than grabbing some sandwich is much better for you even if you do have to eat it at your desk or on the run.


And when you can finally relax at the end of the day you can have your well balanced meal with protein and lots of dark green vegetables.

That way you will lose weight consistently because it’s a way of life. You can live like this forever. And maintain optimum health.

Be sensible, eat well, lots of good proteins lean meat and chicken and fish, dark green vegetables, fruit too of course but be careful with fruit as there are sugars in them but they’re still better than sweets and biscuits.

Have an apple a day mid afternoon if you need a snack or some nuts and raisins and seeds are much better for you and your energy levels.

So there you have it, one meal a day will not help you lose weight and be healthy long term, but eating the right foods certainly will. And remember that coconut oil, a couple of teaspoons a day will help too. Enjoy!

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