The Taylor Swift workout for the “starry” body you yearn for

The Taylor Swift workout for the “starry” body you yearn for

The Taylor Swift workout for the “starry” body you yearn for

With the recent release of her newest pop song video “shake it off”, Taylor Swift is doing more than catching the attention of her loyal fans. More and more people are admiring the young artist for the gutsy move of crossing over to the pop genre, but also for her fit body.

Paparazzi have been catching many photos of Taylor leaving the gym looking more beautiful than ever and everyone wants to know what’s her secret?

Check out what Taylor is doing to help her maintain her sleek physique and her lean legs

Taylor has been quoted that she does not diet or cut down on specific foods, because she loves to eat. So if you are not the dieting type, but want to maintain a trim body, then this is the regime for you!

In order to attain a body like Taylor you need to do cardio and also partake in lengthening exercises such as yoga, Pilates and stretching. Using these types of exercises are great for stretching the body, decreasing muscle tension, relaxation and stress relief.


Taylor attributes her long lean legs from the running she does. She doesn’t always run on the road but always makes a point to do the elliptical or treadmill. Cardio also makes sure that Taylor’s endurance is on point for her to be able to perform without being out of breath all the time.

The Workout

Day 1: Cardio-elliptical or treadmill running at workout

Warm up- Begin with a 4 minute jog, then increase your speed to a challenging pace for 2 minutes, then jog for 4 minutes, then sprint for 30 seconds. After this 30-second sprint decrease the speed to a slow walk for 2 minutes, repeat the sprint for 30 seconds and walk for 2 minutes for 3 cycles.

Repeat the sprint/jog section three times, ending with a cool down to return to normal breathing. After you have completed this sprint/walk cycle cool down for 10 minutes brining your heart rate back to normal

The Taylor Swift workout for the “starry” body you yearn for

Day 2: Yoga

Taylor partakes in yoga 2-3 times per week. Taking classes such as Ashtanga yoga or aerial yoga are great for lengthening the muscles, increasing breathing from your nose to your toes, and decompresses and elonges the body. This will help you maintain the leanness and also detoxifies the body through the inversion process.

Day 3: Infrared Saunas

Taylor believes in detoxing the body to get rid of unwanted toxins stored in fatty cells. Using an infrared sauna once a week will help the body get rid of unwanted fat and also help shed some water weight.

Make sure your doctor clears you for using infrared therapy before you begin your sessions.  Start off with a small amount of time in the sauna, and gradually work your way up.  Staying hydrated is also the key to flushing these toxins out.

Day 4: Pilates

Taylor has been taking Pilates. Pilates is a great workout, which focuses on breathing and also works on proper body alignment. Pilates is a great class to do to promote your body to perform range of motion exercises with power and control helping you develop posture and poise.

Day 5: Repeat Cardio

The key to attaining the body similar to Taylor Swift is to do a lot of endurance training and lengthening exercises. Taylor does not put a lot of stress on dieting but in fact likes to focus on eating healthy to enjoy the little indulgences.

Taylor is promoting a lifestyle that is healthy with her raw and unprocessed foods that fuel her body and that can help her maintain the lean figure she has.  If Taylor’s look is what you want to attain, now you can have that body too, with this workout plan.

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