The top 10 supermarket tricks that make you fat

The top 10 supermarket tricks that make you fat

How often have you gone to the store to buy essential items but come away with many unnecessary and unhealthy goods which are high in fat and calories? Many tricks are applied and designed in every part of the supermarkets to make you buy more food and items than you need. These tricks control your mind and you should be aware of them.

Here are the 10 supermarket tricks to raise your awareness to:

1) Nowadays, in many supermarkets the shopping carts or trolleys are getting bigger, and so encourage you to buy more.


2) The package of many foods, such as coke and soda are becoming bigger as it leads to buy large one and then it can change your habit and cause to increase weekly consumption of these high calorie drinks.

3) Slow and classical music decreases heart beat and makes you take more time in the store, and so you buy more than you intend to.

4) Cut and labeled meat in the supermarket seems to be a great steak, but usually it contains more fat.

5) Prepackaged ground meat which is wrapped in containers is easy to buy, but can include high fat meat because it may be collected from more than one cow with different levels of fat.

6) Many supermarkets put the dairy products and other essential items which need to be refrigerated on the back, so you have to go through the whole store to get them and it encourages you to pick up more things on the way.

7) The most expensive and unhealthy items that supermarkets really want to sell to you are placed at eye level with attractive packages and warm colors, which grab your attention. In the aisle favorite, healthy and cheap items are placed at the bottom, top or at the end. This trick affects your brain to purchase items at eye level.

8) Most supermarkets put fresh baked goods, hot slices of pizza, attractive desserts and other delicious, but high in calorie and saturated fat and unhealthy carbohydrate items right in front of the door. Their smells stimulate your appetite and steal your attention.

The top 10 supermarket tricks that make you fat

9) Essential items, like bread, milk, and eggs, are placed in different part of the store in order to make you walk around more. So it can encourage you to buy unhealthier and unnecessary items.

10) Chocolate, candy and other sweets placed in the check-out line. Standing in line intends you to pick them up.

And here are the solutions that can help you outsmart all these:

1) Make a list and bring it in to prevent buying unhealthy and expensive items which are not necessary.

2) Never shop hungry.

3) If it is possible, choose the small cart or trolley.

4) It would be better to start shopping in the middle of the supermarket – it helps you to focus on your list rather than the attractive and colorful food with good smell in the front of the supermarkets’ door.

5) Stand on your habit and buy the small package as much as you can.

6) It is advised to wear headphones and listen to loud and upbeat music.

7) It is better to buy a large cut of meat and get to the supermarket staff to cut it (for any purposes), remove extra fat and buy loan meat, ground loan meat or low fat meat in the store for hamburger or meatball rather than buy only cut labeled meat or prepackaged one. You can also select fresh meat with highest grade and quality in grocery stores and check it for extra fat properly.

So now that I have shared these 10 tricks and the solutions with you, I want you to start purchasing goods based on your needs, rather than letting them play with your mind.