Things Vegetarians Hear from Non-Vegetarians. Part 2

Things Vegetarians Hear from Non-Vegetarians. Part 2

In part 1 I discussed the importance of getting the right nutrients with a vegetarian diet and tips on what to eat. Here I will delve into further questions that non-vegetarians have asked me. 

How can you just eat lettuce all the time?

This one makes me chuckle. As you can see from the list in Part1, there are plenty of things to eat in addition to lettuce. I have always loved salad, in fact they just happen to be one of my specialties.


I love to add different fruits, vegetables, seed and nuts to my salads to switch things up and of course I make my own salad dressing. But the vegetarian diet definitely consists of way more than salad.

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Do you cook meat for your family?

Yes, I do cook meat for my family. Lucky them right?

Each individual has to do what is right for their body. I find most kids have a hard enough time eating healthy to begin with so the fact that my son enjoys meat makes my life easier.

I do purchase high quality meat and limit portion size for each person to the palm of their hand.Things Vegetarians Hear from Non-Vegetarians. Part 2

Does meat appeal to you at all? Do you ever feel like eating it?

Since I do cook meat for the family sometimes I find myself saying it smells good. Most likely it is the seasoning or fresh herbs I used to make it. I never find myself wanting to eat it. Shortly after I became vegetarian I had a craving for a hamburger.

I thought it was a sign so we went out to lunch and I ordered one. It did taste really good going down but shortly after eating it I felt terribly sick.

Since I gave up meat for this reason in the first place I stay clear of letting that happen again.

Tips from my experiences:

Being vegetarian does not come without some difficulties; for example, when the host of the dinner party forgets you’re vegetarian. Usually I can find something to eat but honestly if I am uncertain of what to expect and don’t feel comfortable asking I plan ahead and eat something that will hold me over.

Things Vegetarians Hear from Non-Vegetarians. Part 2Another option is bring something with you for the host that you can eat.

Just because you are not eating meat doesn’t mean you are eating healthy.

Remember there are healthy vegetarians and not so healthy vegetarians. If you do not eat meat but fill up on chips, dip, pizza and soda don’t expect to receive any of the health benefits from being a vegetarian.

A true vegetarian diet will consist of multiple fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains just to list a few.

According to an article published by Harvard Health some find improved health from following a vegetarian eating regime for example, may have a lower chance of heart disease, some type of cancers and type 2 diabetes.


Everyone has unique food and lifestyle needs. Try to stick with eating whole healthy foods and be mindful of your meal choices. Make sure to chew your food and listen to your body.

If you find something you are eating is not agreeing with you, look into it and find out why.

So many have food sensitivities and food allergies that go unnoticed and walk around feeling tired, bloated and sick. A vegetarian lifestyle is not for everyone and make sure you do your research before diving in.

In order for our bodies to be strong and well nourished we need to fuel our bodies with the correct food. Everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others.

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Get Healthy. Find Balance. Be Happy.

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