Tips To Stay Full For Longer

Tips To Stay Full For Longer

Tips To Stay Full For Longer

Is eating too much a problem for you? It is commonly believed that eating too much leads to weight gain and, in many cases, this is true.

The important link that’s missing in most folks’ understanding of this concept is that they’re eating too much of the WRONG types of foods.

High carbohydrate foods


These are loaded with sugar and/or starch and  jack up blood sugar levels, and begin the insulin resistance cycle.

In the short-term, this leads to the acquisition of visceral (and unnecessary) fat, as well as low energy. In the long-term, this can lead to insulin resistance or Type-2 Diabetes, which then opens up the floodgates for a myriad of health issues.

The positive about this article is that it will provide you with two tips to stay full for longer, all while eating less of these dangerous high carbohydrate foods.

This is a double-whammy for your health and you definitely don’t want to miss it!

Tip 1: Eat More Fat. 

I know what you’re thinking – Fat is more than double the caloric density of carbs or protein! True, but it’s also the healthiest and most essential macronutrient.

If you took a basic biology class growing up, you learned that there are three macronutrients: Fats, Proteins and Carbs. Of the three, only two are deemed essential macronutrients; essential to be eaten regularly in order for our bodies to perform optimally.

The two essential macronutrients? Fat and protein!

Carbs are non essential, meaning that our bodies are able to produce enough energy on their own to withhold ingesting carbohydrate. The problem with eating too much protein in place of carbs is that it can lead to both kidney and liver damage, not to mention a dangerous condition called ketoacidosis.

Typically, you want to keep your protein consumption anywhere from 20-30% of your daily intake.

Because fat is a more calorie dense food, it keeps you fuller for longer. I recommend that my clients keep their daily fat intake anywhere from 60-70%.

What are some good, healthy fats? Organic, raw nuts and seeds. Organic avocado. Organic coconut oil. These are a few of my favorites, and there are plenty more out there. A handful of organic, raw nuts can go a long way in keeping you full. Can you say the same for a handful of candy?

Tips To Stay Full For LongerTip 2: Reduce Your Carb Intake.

This was alluded to earlier, but just to reiterate, you don’t want to ingest too much carbohydrate on a regular basis. Why? Four words: The Insulin Resistance Cycle. Ingesting too much carbohydrate (which, let’s be honest, most people do) leads to fat acquisition, lethargy and long-term health issues.

Carbs are also an instant energy source. When we ingest carbohydrate, our body shifts from a state of lipolysis (or utilizing our fat stores as energy) to a state of glucosis. When we’re in a state of glucosis our bodies are utilizing the carbohydrate in our bloodstream as fuel.

The problem with this is that the carbs in your system during glucosis are burned up quickly (usually in the span of a few hours), which is why high-carb dieting folks tend to be hungrier more frequently. This leads to overeating or, more specifically, the overeating of the wrong types of foods.

The Main Takeaway: Eat a high fat, low carb diet and you will stay fuller longer!

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