Try these 7 healthy snacks that taste like junk food

Try these 7 healthy snacks that taste like junk food

Try these 7 healthy snacks that taste like junk food

When you fancy a greasy burger, a stick of celery just doesn’t cut it! Often we have cravings that need something more; more fat, more flavour, more texture. Instead of ignoring these desires, let me show how you can work with your body; maintain your lust for food and keep your waistline at the same time. When that chocolate is calling your name, learn how to make healthy food taste like junk food. If you ever struggle with cravings for junk food, then you need to try these foods.


Believe it or not, pizza is one of the easiest foods to make healthy and fit into your diet, but also one of the unhealthiest foods when it’s made the wrong way. The wrong way being the way it’s made when you see it flirting with you from the take-away window or arriving at your home in a little van with a box on top of it. The other thing that grabs us about pizza is its convenience. This solution will help you tackle both problems: convenience and flavour.


How to make healthy pizza:

Grab a wholemeal wrap, mountain bread or pitta bread or make your own pizza dough in advance and leave it in the freezer until Friday night or whenever the craving hits. Slather it with tomato paste, tomato pesto or finely chop tomatoes with red onions and use this as the base. Add some fresh or dried basil and sprinkle with a good quality vintage cheddar cheese – the tastier the cheese, the less you need. Feel free to add other toppings such as german or Danish salami, ham, red pepper, corn, pineapple etc. Bake in the oven for 10 mins.


The secret to a super tasty burger is flavour combination. Make like your favourite fast food chain and get creative with flavours. Try adding gherkins to your burger or even beetroot.

How to make a healthy burger

Buy or make a top quality beef burger. Make your own bread buns or use a wholemeal one or better still don’t use bread at all! Add them all together using the layer method; ensuring the flavour touches the meat and nothing gets soggy. Use tomatoes, red onions, salsa for flavour. Cucumber, lettuce and spring onion for added texture.

Try these 7 healthy snacks that taste like junk food

Peanut butter cups

Sweet and salty are a combination you wouldn’t ordinarily think match, but food manufacturers invest a lot of money in getting just the right combination of these 2 things. Peanut butter cups are the ultimate salt and sweet junk…..not with these ones though.

How to make healthy peanut butter cups:

Combine in a medium glass bowl 6 tablespoons of coconut oil, 5 tablespoons of cocoa, 1 tablespoons of maple syrup/honey or 1 tspn stevia. Heat until melted. Add a thin layer of these into cupcake moulds. Once hardened, add a teaspoon of organic peanut butter then top with remaining melted chocolate mixture. Place in fridge until firm.

Chocolate Brownies

Sometimes only chocolate will do! You can get creative and add texture and sweetness to your brownies by adding sweet root vegetables to your brownies. Don’t forget that cocoa has diet and  health benefits,  too !

How to make healthy brownies

Replace half of the butter and sugar with a mix of beetroot and/or sweet potato. You can also try using almond flour to replace the wheat flour in your favourite brownie recipe.


The crunchy salty delight of crisps is a hit with most people, especially children. You can get a crunch factor that is super healthy by using vegetables and fruit and a lot less oil. These baked crisps even contribute to your 5 a day!

How to make healthy crisps

Thinly slice (using a mandolin or knife) potatoes, beetroot, courgette, carrot, parsnip, sweet potato or apple. Mix coconut/nut/olive oil with crushed garlic and any herbs you may like or spices. I like to use chilli for the adult ones or celery salt is good. Brush this onto the sliced vegetables and place in the oven for 10-20 mins until crunchy.


Chips or French fries can be tailored to your own tastes. You can also make them crunchier or more soggy, depending on how you like them.

How to make healthy chips

Cut up potato or sweet potato into thick wedges or thin French fries. Brush with a healthy oil and spices as with the crisps. Bake in a tray in the oven on a hot heat. You can even pre-slice your potato and place in a bag in the freezer ready to throw in the oven for when you are craving tasty hot chips.

Try these 7 healthy snacks that taste like junk food


Just like pizza, kebabs can be super healthy if prepared the right way. Use good quality ingredients and flavours and you’ll never need to stop at a kebab house again!

How to make healthy kebabs

Use a pitta bread pocket. Cut up some chicken into one inch pieces and fry in coconut oil and a spice mix – be liberal with the spices! Top with loads of salad.

Have you tried making your own ‘healthy junk food’? Did it taste great? Made you feel good?