Watercress Soup Recipe – The Super Soup

Watercress Soup Recipe – The Super Soup

Watercress Soup Recipe – The Super Soup

At this time of year more than any other, we are likely to subject out bodies to varying degrees of food and drink overload.

And because of this our natural defences can slump leaving us exposed to all manner of ills, aches and pains. It’s not just because of the parties and the treats and sheer volume of food that comes our way, the colder, wetter weather is no help and neither are the shorter darker days.

“The winter blues” is more than just an expression – it is a reality


One of the downsides of the winter blues (are there any upsides?) is the way it doesn’t just envelope us the damp greyness, it actually drives us to content ourselves with comfort eating. All of which makes this a loss/loss situation.

However, it doesn’t have to be!

I know we’re at Christmas right now, but the truth is, once we crack January, Spring isn’t all that far away. We definitely don’t want to be hitting those Spring months still carrying evidence of the winter blues – carrying excess fat, a lack of vitality, a loss of skin and hair glow.

If we’re mindful of this now we can still have a great Christmas and New Year but limit the damage and accelerate the January ‘recovery’!

Damage control

Over a few parts I’m going to provide you with a few energy boosting, vigour ……and detoxing dishes that you can deploy during these holidays or in the New Year to get you back on track and ahead of the game.

We  build back those defences and spruce up your system

You will be taking on great natural foods with an abundance of protective vitamins such as A, C and E as well as key minerals like selenium and zinc.

Watercress is a superb food

It might not be ‘up in lights’ too often but its benefits have been know for thousands of years. The Romans even fed it in large quantities to their armies!

It is stuffed full with antibiotics and phytochemicals which are known to battle cancer. So what better way to take on significant amounts of this fabulous food than in soup form. This soup tastes equally good hot and cold, so ideal for the depths of winter or mid summer!

Watercress Soup Recipe – The Super SoupWatercress Soup recipe


Olive oil extra virgin   –  1 tblspn
Onion –  1 large, finely chopped
Garlic –  2 cloves, finely chopped
Watercress –  4 washed bunches
Vegetable stock –  900 ml
Curry powder –  1 tspn
Black pepper –  to taste
Plain yoghurt –  125 ml (one small carton)


1. Finely chop up the garlic then leave to stand for 10 minutes before adding to anything. Heat the oil in a large saucepan and cook onions until soft. Don’t let them brown.

2. Add the garlic, cooking for 60 seconds then add the curry powder, stirring continuously and cooking for a further minute.

3. Reduce the heat, add watercress, stir and cook. Do so until wilted. This might take two two to three minutes.

4. Add stock and pepper, simmer for 10 minutes before liquidizing.

All that’s left to do now is is serve into bowls, add a spoon of yoghurt to each….and enjoy!

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