What the best weight loss apps have in common

What the best weight loss apps have in common

What the best weight loss apps have in common

Well the most obvious commonality would be the coveted superlative title of, “the Best”. Various “authorities” have weighed in on this topic and shared what the not so obvious contributors are for apps to rank well.  Popular names like Forbes, Huffington Post, Shape, Men’s Health and Greatist have identified what to look for in a winning app. Among the key rating indicators were the apps’ ability to uniquely solve real problems, while being dynamic, innovative and easy to use. Of apps that made the cut, there were two that really captured my attention.

When “F” is actually a passing grade for apps

Before you get alarmed, I am not advocating or supporting poor academic performance for students. It is just that both of these winners began with the letter “F.” Fooducate has been routinely rated among the Fabulous Favorites, as it helps you cut through the confusion of food labels with just a swipe of the item’s barcode. Shedding light on the quality of the food’s calories and offering it’s healthier alternatives, the app empowers consumers to make educated selection while shopping, which support their weight management goals.  Fitocracy Macros, our fellow victor,  tracks the amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat along with their respective calories. Its updated versions also tracks fiber and alcohol.  The latter being a huge source for empty carbohydrates and sugar.


These apps provide simple solutions to what is the most misunderstood contributor and culprit to success in weight loss… what people eat.  All to often individuals don’t have a solid understanding of what is actually in foods and beverages or what macro category a food falls into. In addition to being educational and innovative, highly rated apps should be interactive.

What the best weight loss apps have in common

Lone rangers need not apply

I am not “hating on” Johnny Depp or his role as Tonto. It is interesting to note that  Tonto does erode the idea of one person going at it alone. Today that solo approach would be the quickest way to failure and frustration. From business to our bodies, we do better with the help and support of others. The book Collaboration Economy illustrates and articulates the shift in business away from the one man show model.

Similarly, social networks and social media demonstrates how much we long to be a part of a tribe or community. Greatist.com showcased some of the best health and fitness apps and Pintrest is integrated throughout the article.  The reader gets to interact with the author’s opinion and content.  That interaction is what I think will help future apps rank among the best and

Watchfit’s latest app does a splendid job blending community and weight loss

The app offers several options for ready-to-follow eating plans and options of how you want updates and reminders.  You can create your own “tribe” by inviting friends to join you in the body transformation journey.  You can showcase your Pintrest skills by posting photos of your meals. There is also the addictive gaming interaction, which makes tracking your progress fun and your goal attainment more likely. And that accomplishment is worth its weight in ratings! So for weight loss with accountability, innovation, education and interaction, checkout Watchfit.