What’s In My Fridge: Adventure Athlete Joey Bull

What’s In My Fridge: Adventure Athlete Joey Bull

Whilst staring in my fridge this morning planning what to put together for the day ahead, it suddenly occurred to me that it might make a reasonable article…

Not my actual fridge – I doubt the make and model is of any interest to anyone other than the manufacturer – but the contents.

When you think about it, our fridges are made up of only two things: things we have in them and things we wish we had in them.


So when it comes to my household and my fridge I either ensure I always have the following items in residence, or if I don’t I’m straight out to the shops to stock up again…

Hand bag hamper!

At least that’s how I like to refer to it. So that I am never caught without, there is always a handful of nuts (almonds mostly) and fresh fruit or a piece of raw veg in my bag. Always a mix of a complex carbohydrate and protein.


The fridge is always stocked with vegetables that I can juice – red cabbage, greens, carrots, watercress, peppers and more. An excellent live enzyme, nutrient rich boost.Juicing is a fabulous way of getting a quick, easy and high powered nutrient boost.

I might not have mastered the art of delivering magnificent taste every time but I find that adding an apple works well when it comes to alleviating bitterness.

Proteins throughout the week

Proteins are key to our diet. These can be delivered through the likes of: poultry, lentils, chickpeas, sardines and even an iron rich liver now and again.

What’s In My Fridge: Adventure Athlete Joey BullFresh herbs

I think these are often seen as little more than an adornments or a little something that is sprinkled onto/into the ‘real food’. But this does them a disservice as they come with all manner of nutritional value.

I especially ensure that I have a crop of parsley which gets chucked in most things, even the dogs dishes!


I boil up a batch of brown rice, barley or other grains weekly and tuck into them over a few days. If there is bread it is rye bread.

Maybe up 50% of our intake is raw foods.

My children eat fennel, greens and all sorts of raw that I’ve snuck into his dishes. I get past them what I can and they’re good enough not to complain!

After a workout I’ll make a juice, maybe of celery and cucumber for electrolyte replacement. Then munch a banana and slab of meat… sounds like the manners of a Roman perhaps, but it keeps the cravings and wobbles away.

I can assure you it is not all dietary virtuousness in the Bull household though…

I have cake tins, several of them, but they remain empty. Not because I am perfect and disciplined, but because I can eat what is around in one sitting!

This means if I fancy something sweet I have to knock it up myself or drive to the tea shop… It isn’t unusual that I’m baking at 10pm, I forgive myself slightly though as it is with spelt flour, good oils and molasses! All gone in a flash though!

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