Why a high fat high protein diet may not suit you and what to do instead

Why a high fat high protein diet may not suit you and what to do instead

The high fat and protein diets is in vogue at the moment especially for controlling weight and boosting energy levels but they are not suited for everyone. In particular they may not suit you if you suffer from other ongoing health issues such as gallbladder problems, gout, low mood and constipation.

Gallbladder needs a low fat diet as too much can trigger an attack.

Careful with pork and eggs. Increase apples, onions which help reduce inflammation. Celery is a natural diuretic.


Gout needs a low protein diet.

Many protein foods are high in purines which can set off an attack. Avoid seafood , oily fish except salmon and avoid red meat!

Constipation needs lots of fibre to help keep the digestive system moving.

Always have greens and some fruit with are high in water and fibre.

Depression needs serotonin.

Avoid aspartame in sugar free drinks as it depletes serotonin! Your mood needs slow releasing carbohydrate for the brain to absorb it. So have oats, rice and wholegrain bread with each meal. Good fats from oily fish, nut and seeds important as the brain is 60% fat and also helps retain serotonin.

So if you have the above and are concerned about your weight you can still lose the pounds by having meals balanced with all food groups protein, fat and high fibre carbohydrates all in small portions

Here is an meal plan example 


Why a high fat high protein diet may not suit you and what to do instead

50g Porridge with semi skimmed or goats milk and 1 tbpn of berries and 1 dsp of milled seeds

150g Low fat yoghurt with berries and 2 tbsp of oats

1 slice of wholemeal seeded bread with smoked salmon and grilled tomatoes

Mid morning tea.

Tulsi tea (Holy Basil) which is energising and manages stress


3 oat cakes with half a pot of low fat hummus and 5 cherrie tomatoes

1 slice of rye bread with 80g chicken and celery stick plus 1 apple

After lunch drink Pukka licorice and mint tea for digestion


Green smoothie Apple, celery, kale, ginger and 250ml of coconut water

If you enjoy this snack, try out Watchfit’s Green Smoothie Plan

Bed time drink

1 to 2 hours before bed have 15ml of Cherry active juice in 200ml of water. Helps support joints re gout and restful sleep!

Other tips

Keep hydrated 6 to 8 drinks a day from water, herbal tea. Add fruit juice to ice cube holders and add a couple of cubes to water to flavour!

So keep off regular tea, coffee, alcohol to a minimum re upsets blood sugar , mood and sets off inflammation!

Avoid sugar which is inflammatory and also converts to fat!

Ramekin of cooked brown rice with 80g turkey and stir fried vegetables cooked in coconut oil with ginger and lime juice: kale, celery, leeks and courgette.

Coconut oil good for digestion and fat/muscle ratio.

Dessert scoop of frozen mango sorbet

Apple compote with low fat yoghurt

Oaty apple crumble