Yo Yo dieting: 2 key questions to ask yourself

Yo Yo dieting: 2 key questions to ask yourself

Yo Yo dieting: 2 key questions to ask yourself

It’s the same story with every diet you start:

“this time it’s going to work, this time I’m going to be stronger, this time I’m going to stay committed”.


However, the unfortunate

Truth of yo yo dieting is that it will never help you achieve your long term weight loss goals

In fact, statistics show that 46% of people who make a weight loss resolution never make it past 6 months.

So, if dieting doesn’t work you may be wondering how will you ever reach your weight loss goals.

The key for weight loss success is not to follow a diet, but rather to understand what is really sabotaging your weight loss.

Here are two questions you need to answer to get started:

Question 1: Am I a yo-yo dieter?

Yo-yo dieting is a term you are likely familiar with.

It is a process that results in what is commonly known as weight cycling, which is the repeated loss and regain of body weight. When weight cycling occurs as a result of going on and off diets, it is referred to as yo-yo dieting.

You may be thinking that yo-yo dieting is the perfect description of your life. The cycle of yo-yo dieting is crippling mentally, emotionally and physically. Not only does it lead to an emotional rollercoaster of successes and failures, but weight cycling has also been shown to impose adverse health effects.

It is well understood that being overweight and/or obese is related to a variety of chronic health conditions, but more recent studies have suggested that for some people, maintaining a steady weight is healthier than a repeated pattern of weight loss and weight gain that often comes from yo-yo dieting.

Side effects commonly experienced from weight cycling include low self-esteem, a higher prevalence of binge eating and less fat loss than non-weight cyclers. This is why a slower rate of weight loss by means of adopting healthier food choices and engaging in daily physical activity is recommended.

Yo Yo dieting: 2 key questions to ask yourself

Losing a lot of weight in a small amount of time cannot be sustainable, and making healthier lifestyle changes without following a diet is proven to be healthier in the long run.

Back to our original question. Are you a yo-yo dieter? If this sounds like you, move on to question #2.

Question 2: Have I hit diet bottom?

Hitting diet bottom happens when you simply do not have it in you to go on another diet.

You have been dieting for years and you no longer have the energy or inner strength to worry about the number on the scale, count any more calories or deprive yourself of foods that you love. The negative emotions and feelings of guilt that come along with overeating are tormenting you and something that you cannot endure any longer.

Hitting diet bottom is the first step you need to catapult you into a diet-free life.

If you have succumbed to the yo-yo cycle of dieting for many years and still haven’t reached your weight loss goals, consider if you are at the point where you have hit diet bottom.

Figuring out for yourself if you are at this point takes self-reflection into your personal diet patterns and being honest with yourself as to how dieting has affected you throughout your life. Then, and only then, can you move to the next steps of discovering the biggest mistakes you’ve made at your weight loss attempts.

Here is a free resource to help you determine if you have hit diet bottom. It’s called the Hitting Diet Bottom Blueprint which you can access here. This blueprint will take you 3 steps closer to ending yo-yo dieting.