Dvi Pada Sirsasana – How To Do and Benefits

Yoga which is the most common practice of exercise all over the world is the most effective and efficient remedy for many physical, mental and spiritual illness or diseases. It is totally cost free and with regular practice, it enables a healthy and stress free life. If your back or hip aches or you are having sleep disorders or even if you are having a mental breakdown, try including yoga into your daily routine and you’ll experience the magic yourself.

Now, there are different yoga postures but the one under discussion right now is DviPadaSirsasana which are Sanskrit words. Dvi means two, Pada is feet or leg, Sir is head and Asana means pose or posture. The difficulty level of this exercise is a bit high so don’t stop trying if you cannot get it right in the first few trials.


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How To Do it

Now, one might not hit off perfectly in the very beginning with this exercise. Thus, patience and focus are the main key points to get this posture right. Start off with sitting straight comfortably on a mat or blanket, stretching your legs out in front and lengthening your spine. Exhale slowly and as you do so, hold one of your hands in front of your nose to check which of the two nostrils is more active. If the right nostril is active then begin with your left leg or if the left nostril is active then the right leg.

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Next, begin with bending the knee of the active side then grabbing the ankle, hold it and bring it over your head and place the leg slowly on your neck. As you do so, maintain your breathing. Gradually and slowly, repeat the same with your other leg and place it on top of the first leg. Exhale. Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds and extend the time as your level of ease increases with practice.

How Does it Help Us:

Better Elasticity And Flexibility:

If you think you have a stiffness in your body, you can bid adieu to it with this yoga exercise. Include this posture in your daily yoga routine and enable better elasticity and flexibility of your body system.

Better Digestive System:

One of the most common problems faced by the people today are problems regarding digestion. Our digestive system seems to have taken a wrong turn. Practice DviPadaSirasana regularly for better digestion.

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Beneficial for Diabetes Patients:

If you are a diabetes patient then this is the right exercise for you. This posture of yoga helps in giving relief to patients of diabetes. So, it is advisable to all diabetic people to start practicing DviPadaSirasana.

Ensures Active and Enthusiastic Life:

If you get tired easily or have no interest towards activities then this is the right exercise for you. This yoga posture improves your enthusiasm and makes you active.

Increased Blood Flow Which is Beneficial for Anemia Patients:

This yoga exercise helps in increasing blood flow in your body along with improving hemoglobin levels in the blood. As toxins remain in the blood with slow flow, this exercise fastens up the flow of blood which in return purifies it. Thus, this posture proves to be beneficial to people suffering from anemia and nervous trembling.

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Increases Strength And Stamina Of The Body:

This particular exercise boosts up your stamina and strengthens your body. Through this posture, the entire body is perfectly exercised which results in better body balance and fitness. It provides nourishment to your legs, arms, knees, thighs, back, shoulders, palms and elbows.