9 workout boredom busters to get you back on track!

9 workout boredom busters to get you back on track!

9 workout boredom busters to get you back on track!

Workout boredom busters can save you from one of the most common roadblocks to achieving fitness goals. Boredom can interrupt the consistency you worked hard to maintain in your fitness routine, cause weight loss plateau, and leave you wanting to avoid the gym altogether.  Here are some excellent exercises to keep in your workout artillery ready for next time that workout boredom hits.

9 Excellent exercise swaps that act as workout boredom busters

1)Warming up on a Trampoline instead of treadmill.

This is a great exercising to raise the heart rate and reduce impact on the joints. Jumping, running, hopping are all great movements that will prep the body for a good work out.

2)Burpees instead of a push up.

Push ups can get tedious, however by combining a jump from the legs, this will not only use more calories, but increase leg power.

3)Lunges are a great exercise to improve strength and stability.

Try walking lunges and feel the burn!

4)Tricep dips with feet on a swiss ball.

A great way to challenge your balance. The position of dips is also great for improving posture.

9 workout boredom busters to get you back on track!

5) Star jumps are a great alternative to squatting and tuck jumping.

It activates the gluteus medius muscle to aid in hip stability too.

6) Mountain climbers are a function variation of the plank.

Lifting your knees will strengthen the around the hip complex to aid sports that require running.

7) Throwing a medicine ball from the floor

to behind your head is a fun activity to see how much power you have. Make sure you have enough space for this one!

8) Russian rotations is a tough exercise for the abs.

This also challenges stability when the person’s feet are lifted off the ground.

9)  Aerobics or dance classes are a great setting to gain motivation from your peers.

Not only does this push you to your limits, but it improves cardiovascular fitness.