A Simple Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners

A Simple Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners

Back to basics

One of the most important things I try not to forget in Personal training and in my own training for that matter is not to step too far away from the basics of exercise and movement. I first started training to join the Army 18 years ago, so my foundation was excellent, although the type of training I did would be seen to be slightly outdated now, but the methods to train soldiers has not altered that much in all the years I’ve been in and out of it. Actually companies make lots of money around the world out of popularity of military type training boot-camps and they grow ever popular each day.

Time management

Now for the sedentary person, looking to get started in fitness or strength* training, the basics are absolutely essential. The first step to making a plan is to look at your time management. What time can you free up in your week and your day to train? I see people come in the gym for the first time, and say to me I’m coming in 5 times a week to get myself back in to training (Big mistake!). I’m sorry but that is just madness.. from nothing to 5 hours per week?! 5 hours out of your precious week now in the gym and with little knowledge how to actually train? If you want to take this seriously and create the habit of training and lose weight, you need to follow a few simple rules first. Time management that won’t disrupt your life is the first step to successfully losing weight for life.

Likes and dislikes

I wouldn’t be a Personal trainer at all if I couldn’t train the way I liked or at least be in an environment that I liked to train in. I motivate people to exercise for a living, but I don’t need the motivation myself, because I love the training I do so much it isn’t a chore to me at all. Do you need the motivation to do the things you love? I choose my training carefully and I will admit I did try things that I didn’t like, because I thought they were good for me, but why? You don’t need to try anything you don’t like, but exercise isn’t supposed to be easy and if you don’t like hard work, then maybe you need to look at how you lose weight in a more dynamic way and Watchfit.com has many articles on this topic alone, but please try to work towards escaping the comfort zone, because trust me it’s worth it.

For those of you willing to put the hard work in starting now, you need to find out what you like to do and where you like to do it. Do you like the outdoors? Do you prefer the gym or a private studio, classes and boot-camps etc. Would you like to try all of these and see which one gives you the urge to go back the most (gives you the buzz!). You may like to cross train you may even enjoy high intensity type training? Whatever you choose, enjoyment is one of my 3 key rules in effective fitness planning.

A Simple Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners

Training knowledge and how to access it

Another mistake many people tend to make in my experience is they don’t ask for help. Now if you were to want to drive a car, you would ask for help from a driving instructor, correct? If you were to want to maybe build your own home, you would maybe study project management and certain trades fitting to that of which you would like to claim responsibility for. In short, you would seek the help of an expert in the trade or industry you decide to take part that you have little or no knowledge in. Then why is building the body any different from building a house? You need the tools, you need the equipment and materials and most importantly – you need the knowledge.
A gym is an easy place to fall into the cardio trap or the resistance machine rut. I see this everyday and I try to help as many people as I can, but without you asking the right people the right questions, you are walking in to the mouth of failure before you even begin. Ask a professional how to get started, research the types of fitness training that works, read articles like this and  respect the fact that people have trained for many years in their field, and are there to help you become what you have set out to become. Losing weight is a few words, training for real is a lifestyle change and an education in itself.

*Strength: the bodies ability to improve its functional requirements in order to achieve personal goals, increase metabolic rate and look and feel better.