Are Martial Arts Better Than Gym?

Are Martial Arts Better Than Gym?

More and more people, particularly women, are seeing martial arts as a good way to get fit. At the same time, they are also learning some basic defensive moves. But when it comes to the question of which gets you fitter – martial arts or the gym – there are some points you should consider.

Training the brain

Anyone who has ever studied martial arts or combat sports knows that not only is your mind trained, but your brain gets a work out too. In martial arts,  you must learn to use the correct techniques and make quick decisions. This is as well as developing mobility, endurance, tenacity and self-defense moves.


Martial arts or the gym train you for life

Martial arts or the gym teaches a variety of activities, and it is astonishing how a basic knowledge of boxing and Thai boxing, as well as a self-defense, gives them courage and confidence in the outside world. In today’s world it does not hurt to know you can defend yourself if necessary.

Are Martial Arts Better Than Gym?

A few myths about the gym

Sports = weight loss

This statement is incorrect. Sport can not make you lose weight by itself, you must eat a controlled diet too. In other words, to lose weight we must burn more calories than they consume .

Muscle soreness

Soreness does not prove that you have trained well. The soreness indicates that you are over trained. The oreness comes from tears in the muscles.

You can lose weight in the sauna

In the sauna you do lose salt and water through sweat, but you do not lose fat. You must replace the lost salts and fluid otherwise you will feel dreadful. The good thing about the sauna is its detoxifying qualities. .

Fat loss only happens after 30 minutes

It is believed that you only start burning fat after 30 minutes of exercise. This is not true, the first minute of a workout can burn fat. It is true that fat burns at a higher level after 30 minutes and exercising at a good level of intensity for 30-60 minutes will help improve your fitness.


It is not the fat guys who sweat the most, it is the fittest. Athletes and other well-trained people have better control of their body heat, and sweating is part of that process.

Are Martial Arts Better Than Gym?

Does weight training makes you bulky?

Many women believe that lifting weights will make them very muscular. This is not true. There are women who go to the gym and will not go near a weight incase they grow enormous muscles! However, this logic is flawed. A woman’s body does not produce as much testosterone as men. Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth, and women do not produce enough to worry about huge muscles.

There is also the myth that training will turn fat to muscle. Well, they are two different types of tissue, so muscle will not turn to fat, anymore than butter will turn to meat.
Working with weights is good for men and women. It builds bone density and tones muscles. High reps and lighter weights will burn fat, as will cardio work and a specific fat-burning diet.
So what is the answer? Which gets you fitter, martial arts or the gym? Well, I think that it depends upon the individual. A perfect workout would contain elements of both.

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