Best Gym Equipment To Tone Your Inner Thighs

Best Gym Equipment To Tone Your Inner Thighs

Ever wonder why you hear so many women complain about not being able to “shape” or “tone” their body correctly?

Well, for one it’s because their nutrition is way off and their body is building up inflammation each day with the processed carbohydrates & fatty foods the digestive system is having to deal with. An excess influx of these man made processed foods & only one thing can result…fat gain/fat storage.

Now, once you’ve got a handle on proper nutrition, then the next part of the equation comes into play. What are the BEST exercises to do & specifically target certain areas. Now, it’s important to note that you CANNOT spot reduce fat from the body. Human beings are complex machines, and with that said, women more so than men, because of many hormonal fluctuations and imbalances that can play a part when dealing with fat loss.


So how do we tone the inner thighs?

Well, when designing programs for clients, it’s always best to start with the biggest “bang for your buck” exercises. Thus, some great ones I like to incorporate are:

1) Wider Stance Squat

Make sure to get full depth on this, as this will work not only the adductors (insides of the legs) but also the glutes and quads

2) Sumo Stance Deadlift

Feet should be wider than hip width pointed 45 degrees out. This works the hips, glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs

Best Gym Equipment To Tone Your Inner Thighs

3)    Split Squat

The knee should go out over the toe on this with the hamstring covering the calf – this activates the upper part of the VMO (vastus medialus) and adductors

Those are my top three for the inner thighs. I do enjoy doing wide stance leg press & the adductor machine, but those are usually last used if at all. One thing people must remember when lifting weights is that almost everything is opposite. Meaning, wider stances with the legs hit more of the inner thighs, and vice versa (when legs are closer it hits more outer). It’s best to vary angles on all lifts to target this area, along with changing up your foot position for maximum results.

As a last resort, cables can be used to perform adductor exercises as well

These are often best used as “finishers” to other exercises like squats that active more motor units. Above all, nothing beats the good old fashion squat, but if you aren’t able to squat to full depth, try some of these other exercises for now.

With that said, often times I see far too many women wasting their time on ridiculous machines and gimmicks like the thighmaster promising quick results with minimal effort. This is far from the truth! To have great legs, women must pick the proper exercises and use moderate to heavy weights for max effectiveness.

The exercises above should do the trick & let the nutrition take care of the bodyfat & additional “toning” for you! Hope you enjoyed reading ‘Best gym equipment to tone your inner thighs’!