Five floor exercise routines you can do at home

Five floor exercise routines you can do at home

Keeping fit doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming, with effort wasted on waiting for the weights or machines to be free in the gym. And the excuse of not having time to go for a run or not affording gym fees to keep fit is an invalid one. With a little know-how and imagination, it’s easy to put together some simple yet effective floor exercise routines you can do anywhere, anytime and still achieve big results.

I have put together five simple floor exercise routines that can be done at home, in the office, in a hotel room or any open space without the need for equipment or a training partner.

Five floor exercise routines you can do at home

So read this, get out of the chair and hit the deck!

Isometric holds (Working the core)

Start in the plank position, holding it for 30 seconds. Then go straight into a side plank hold for another 30 seconds. Then sit on the floor, in a v-sit position (legs and upper body at 45 degrees and arms across your chest) for another 30 seconds and finish off with a side plank hold on your other side. You will have worked all your core muscles, glutes, (butt muscles) shoulders and arms in 2 minutes!

Split squat jumps/ski jumps (Working the lower body)

Taking a confident step forward go into a lunge, then jump up into the air explosively and land in a lunge on the other side, as fast as you can (but still controlled) for 30 seconds. Then go straight into ski jumps, feet and knees together, jumping from side to side over an imaginary line on the floor while bringing your knees to your chest on each jump. These will both give you a CV workout while working the two major leg muscles.

Burpees (all the body)

Starting from the standing position, go down into the press up position, do one press up, bring your knees back to your chest and jump up, landing back on your feet. This is a fast, explosive exercise that will hit all the major muscle groups and increase your heart rate.

Pike press ups (upper body)

Start in the press up position, do one normal press up, then flex at the waist so your backside is sticking up in the air and complete another press-up. The normal press up works all the major upper body muscles, then the pike press up works the core, the hip flexors and places a bigger load on the shoulders. If you want to make this easier or harder, experiment with putting your hands closer together or widening your stance.

Five floor exercise routines you can do at home

Another core workout!

Lying on the floor, do leg lowers for 30 seconds, making sure your heels don’t touch the floor, finishing with your legs in the air, vertical. Keeping them still in this position, reach up and touch your toes, as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Don’t let your shoulders rest on the floor throughout this exercise, to make it as explosive as possible.

These are just a few examples of exercises that can be done easily. But realistically, anyone can string together a few simple exercise routines to do before work or while the kids are at school, so don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit and experiment with different exercises. Now go and have fun!