Fun online fitness classes you should try! Expert review

Fun online fitness classes you should try! Expert review

How does the net and exercise make a good team?

Surfing the net usually involves sitting, which is kind of the opposite to exercising, BUT did you know that you can find some really awesome ways to exercise and keep fit online?

Welcome to the wonderful world of YouTube! YouTube provides an amazing medium to find all kinds of things including exercise classes that will keep you fit. Many aspiring personal trainers and fitness experts have spent hours, recording exercise routines. And the great news is – it’s free and the options are endless! So take advantage of it.


Planning to Exercise…

We all know exercise is good for us and that we should do it. But sometimes you just can’t seem to bring yourself to. You likely have good intentions and decide that tomorrow you will exercise, but then you get stuck at work or it’s raining or too hot outside, and you just can’t afford the gym, so exercise just doesn’t happen. Before you know it, weeks have gone past. Sound familiar?

The great thing about online exercises classes is that many can be done in the comfort of your own home and often you don’t need any equipment. So rain, hail or shine, there’s no more excuses!

If you’re struggling to bring yourself to exercise (we are go through those periods), try and change your mind set around it, don’t think of it as something you’ll get around to if there’s time left in your day (there won’t be). Rather, think of it as one of the most important things you need to fit into your day. Schedule it in just like any appointment – write the time and days you will be doing it in your diary and stick to those appointments.

Variety is the Spice of Life…

It’s also good to have several exercise options.. why? Well, here’s a few reasons:

  • To prevent you getting bored of the same routine (makes it easier to stop if you’re bored)
  • To work different muscles and areas of your body
  • To provide options for different days, weather conditions and scenarios in your week

On the net you can find many different types of exercise classes to vary your routine. So, they will not only prevent boredom but also provide a convenient back up plan if rain gets in the way. Many of the instructors are funny and make exercising fun as well as instruct you how to perform the exercise including the do’s and don’ts. So what are you waiting for?

What makes a Good Online Exercise Class?

While there are thousands of online classes, how do you recognise a good one when you see it? Here’s some tips:

  • Class instructor should tell you and show you how to do the moves. They should provide pointers to help you perform the exercise with proper technique to get the full benefit and prevent injury.
  • There should be a variety of different moves to work different muscles and keep the class interesting.
  • Instructor should be enthusiastic – makes it interesting (warning: you will come across some super duper hyper excited instructors!)
  • It’s always good if they provide warm up and cool down (stretching) exercises to prevent injury and reduce soreness. You can look up separate videos for these.

5 Fun Online Exercise Classes

With so many great online classes, it can be hard to choose. Try incorporating more than just one type of training in your routine. Combine some weight training, cardio and flexibility exercises each week.

Here’s 5 fun exercise classes you can try, the dance and circuit ones are my favourites, although I will need to practice to have any hope of doing the dance moves like Julianne does! Do you have a favourite? Let me know. Happy work out!

Fun online fitness classes you should try! Expert review

1. Work out with weights

Why do this work out? – Don’t discard adding weighs to your workout. It’s not just for those desiring big muscles, in fact weight training can help you tone, lose weight, increase metabolism and preserve muscles when losing weight or as you age. If you’re a bit concerned about lifting weights read ‘7 reasons why women must lift weights’

Try this great work out with weights by the well known tough but effective personal trainer Jillian Michaels.

Fun workout – Jillian Michaels: Shred it With Weights Workout- Level 1

2. Fat burn circuit total body workout

Why do this work out? – Circuits are great routines to work the entire body and tone. This is a tough 40 minute work out but it will definitely get results! It does require some equipment, but you can always improvise with house-hold items.

Fun workout – BeFiT GO: 40 Min Total Body Fat Burn Workout- Circuit 2

3. Quick Outdoor Workout

Why do this work out? – If you like exercising outside either at home or the park, then workouts that can be done outside are great. This video by Sarah Fit shows you 4 exercises you can do outside. This routine can be repeated 3-4 times for a great workout.

Fun workout – Outdoor Bodyweight Spring Workout

4. Dance (Cardio/ aerobic workout)

Why do this work out? – Dancing is not only fun, but a great cardio/aerobic workout, too! Cardio workouts have many health benefits, read more.

This video is fun and incorporates a variety of different dance moves e.g. cha cha, jive etc. You may even learn some moves to show-off on the dance floor!

Fun workout – Dance with Julianne Cardio Ballroom

5. Flexibility

Why do this work out? – Stretching is important after workouts to prevent injury, reduce soreness and improve muscle balance and posture plus increase flexibility. Here’s a great routine that explains the moves and presents stretching in a fun way.

Fun workout – Full Body Stretching Exercises Flexibility Workout